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With close to a hundred universities in Canada to choose from, here’s what makes uOttawa different.
Neuroscientist Dr. Ruth Slack and cardiologist Dr. Peter Liu

Pioneering Brain-Heart Research In Ottawa Is Redefining Patient Care

A pair of Ottawa medical specialists have joined forces to break down the silos between their two medical areas of expertise – the heart and the brain.

Neuroscientist Dr. Ruth Slack and cardiologist Dr. Peter Liu say working together closes a troublesome gap in patient care because when something goes wrong in the heart, it has a major impact on the brain.

They expect the University of Ottawa's Advanced Medical Research Centre to be a hub for bringing new treatments to market more quickly.

Acfas banner
Acfas banner
Acfas 2024

The upcoming ACFAS conference at uOttawa spotlights the challenges facing French-language research amid the increasing predominance of English. Martine Lagacé, uOttawa associate vice-president, research promotion and development, underscores the importance of addressing this imbalance, ensuring fairer evaluation criteria and working toward a national strategy to bolster French-language research in Canada. She points out the pressure on francophone researchers to publish in English for career advancement, which limits access to knowledge for French speakers and diminishes researchers’ contributions worldwide.

The University of Ottawa, as the largest bilingual (English-French) university in the world, is well placed to understand the challenges related to research in Canada’s two official languages. The 91st ACFAS conference will be a valuable platform for stakeholders to discuss and mobilize around strategies for the revitalization of French-language research.

Flags from each G7
Flags from each G7

As G7 leaders gather in Canada next year, the University of Ottawa will host critical conversations between university leaders from around the globe as host of the prestigious 2025 U7+ Alliance Summit. From April 22 to 23, 2025, up to 100 university leaders from 20 countries will meet at uOttawa for a series of transformative discussions.

The selection of the University of Ottawa as host is a recognition of our world-class facilities, inclusive and bilingual academic environment, and ability to catalyze significant global dialogues.

Acfas illustration

The 91st Acfas conference at the University of Ottawa

The conference will be held on our downtown campus from May 13 to 17, 2024. The proposed symposia will be held in French and cover a wide range of research topics.

Apr 19

Digital Empires: The Global Battle to Regulate Technology

Join us for a conversation with Prof. Anu Bradford on the regulatory approaches governing the digital economy and how governments and technology compa…

Apr 26

2024 Annual Research Day

The University of Ottawa, Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 2024 Annual Research Day will be held virtually on Friday April 26th, 2024.…

May 13 to May 17

The 91st Annual ACFAS Conference at uOttawa

From May 13 to 17, the University of Ottawa is hosting the 91st annual Acfas conference. This major French-language scholarly event brings together on…

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