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It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Communication!

Communication is at the heart of our lives. Without communication, there would be no group, no society, no organization. Communication is what makes life in society possible. But at the same time, communication remains something very complex. This is what brings us together, professors, researchers and students of all levels of study, in the Department of Communication. We form a community passionate about all forms of communication, and focused on the complex challenges of globalization, living together, technological innovations, etc. Our French and English-speaking programs of study echo the challenges that underlie the transformations of today's world.

Our degree programs are geared towards the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise in two key areas of communication: media studies and the study of organizational communication.  Note that the degree programs with specialization as well as the communication degree offer a cooperative education option which allows students to complete four paid internships in the private or public sector.

We also offer a bachelor's degree in journalism and a bachelor's degree in public relations. Both of these are in conjunction with La Cité collégiale (French section) and Algonquin College (English section).

In addition to undergraduate programs, the Department offers a strong program in communication research as part of its graduate programs. Students can select, among other things, graduate degree programs at the doctoral and master’s level (with CO-OP internship or not).  The graduate level training offers more in-depth knowledge and explores research topics related to media studies, organizational communication, government communication, health communication, and identity and diversity in communication.

I invite you to visit our website to discover the many learning opportunities available to you. We look forward to welcoming you!

Luc Bonneville, Ph.D.
Professor & Chair

Simard Hall
Simard Hall

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A smaller world. More contacts, more interplay, more exchanges, more trade. Daily life in the 21st century, shaped as it is by the effects of globalization, has at its core the art and science of communication. Through communication, humanity explores, learns, discovers. Peoples and cultures and individuals come to understand each other better.

At both the masters and doctoral levels, the Department of Communication offers students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and critical thinking skills while refining their ability to identify, analyze, and resolve complex issues. Our students deepen their understanding of the social, political, cultural, regulatory, technological, and economic aspects of contemporary society. Our programs offer challenging, dynamic and bilingual seminars for advanced research in the field of communication.

Donald Beauchamp
Student voices

“What stands out most for me is the prestige that the University of Ottawa, the Department of Communication and the City of Ottawa enjoy. And exposure to another language and another culture will...”

Donald Beauchamp

— Vice-president of communications with the Montreal Canadiens

Department of Communication 101 week

Department of Communication 101 week

Communication Students Association (CSA) wine and cheese

Communication Students Association (CSA) wine and cheese

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