Undergraduate Students’ Association (ASMLL)

The Association of Students in Modern Languages and Literatures (ASMLL) represents the undergraduate students in our Department.

We represent you at the Department and Faculty level. We also organize social events and keep you informed of issues and Upcoming events.

Four members represent you at the Departmental Assembly, usually one student from each program of the Department.

One member is elected to represent you at the Faculty of Arts Council and at the Student Association of the Faculty of Arts.

We maintain close ties with the different clubs of the Department.

Graduate Students' Association (GSAMLL)

Our mandate is to enhance environment in which our members pursue their collective academic interests.

The GSAMLL is a member of the larger Graduate Students Association of University of Ottawa (GSAED) and has a small budget administered by a committee of GSAMLL members.

German Club

If you are interested in meeting fellow students, students from Germany on an exchange program and others interested in German language and culture, come join our events. On a regular basis, the German Club organizes a Stammtisch - an informal gathering of students, professors, and everybody else who is interested in German. The Club also organizes film evenings, an annual Christmas party, an end-of-term party and more.

Spanish Club "Entre Amigos"

If you are interested in the Hispanic culture, we offer you a great opportunity to interact with students who are learning Spanish and with people from all over South America and Spain to discover their cultures and experiences.
We offer a variety of activities to practice Spanish. We encourage students to come out for coffee and conversation in a relaxed environment, for movie nights and discussions afterwards in Cafe Nostalgica, for parties with salsa and merengue dances, and so much more.

For more information write to us: [email protected]

Russian Club

The Russophile Circle organizes a variety of activities for those interested in the Russian language and culture. There are Russian films every second week, and a Russky chay (Russian tea) every other Wednesday where you can meet fellow russophiles and chat in a relaxed atmosphere. For dates and times, visit our web page. Dobro pozhalovat'!