First and foremost, for the love and pleasure of working with languages

Learn about the programs

The programs offered in the School of Translation and Interpretation enable you to:

  • to explore and understand the details, nuances, and secrets of language and language transfer;
  • to understand the workings and importance of translation, and the translator, in all international and intercultural exchanges;
  • to learn about and develop skills in terminology and technologies of translation;
  • to participate and work in increasing international inter-connectedness;
  • to acquire professional skills in language transfer and get a job in the field;
  • to work as a translator, or interpreter, or terminologist, or reviser, or bilingual, and even trilingual editor/writer – in Canada, or internationally.

Profile of Successful Students

  • passionate about and good at Canada’s two official languages;
  • interested in other languages;
  • curious and knowledgeable about current affairs, arts, history, literature, culture;
  • interested in reading, writing, and all aspects of language use.

At the School of Translation and Interpretation

  • you will learn to appreciate and manipulate Canada’s two official languages; you will have the option of a third language as well;
  • you will gain greater understanding of the influence of culture, history and politics on language use;
  • you will get professional training – in translation, terminology and translation technologies;
  • you will work creatively, and professionally – in Coop placements, in internships, in private contracts, and you will easily find work once you have your diploma;
  • you will be able to work in a “portable” job – all over the world.

What can I do with my studies in translation?