Marie-Hélène Brunet

Marie-Hélène Brunet
Marie-Hélène Brunet
Associate Professor

LMX 327

Marie-Hélène Brunet is an associate professor of social studies and history education and also previously held a long-term teaching appointment within the Faculty. Professor Brunet's early graduate studies led her to an interest in the history of motherhood outside marriage during the Quiet Revolution period in Quebec, and her doctoral research, conducted at the University of Montreal, focused on Quebec secondary student's understanding of women's history. Professor Brunet is interested in history education, the history of education and the history of women and gender. Her current research focuses on the understanding of historical agency by elementary and secondary school teachers and students, as experienced through various teaching tools (narratives, textbooks, historical films, video games and children's literature). Her work also engages questions about the teaching of sensitive questions and power relations (such as language, race, class and gender) in history classrooms. She is the creator of the podcast 'Histoire d’enseigner : un balado sur l'enseignement de l'histoire', a VoiceEd radio partnership project.

Research interests

  • Feminist studies
  • Teacher education
  • History of gender
  • History of education