The purpose of the master’s degree in engineering management is to introduce the graduate with two or more years of engineering experience and who is interested in a career in management to the foundations of management knowledge and skills. The program is designed for engineers of all disciplines who are currently, or aspire to be, team or project leaders, section leaders or managers. These engineers recognize that management is a distinct profession and that when the necessary skills are mastered it can lead to significant improvements in the performance of an organization.

The program begins with a series of compulsory courses in engineering management, innovation, finance and accounting and continues with a series of electives. Students finish with a compulsory major consulting project (MCP). The choice of electives and MCP topic allows students to prepare for roles such as operations manager, systems manager, IT project manager, product manager and technology entrepreneur.

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Degree options

Key research themes

  • Production and operations management
  • Robotics and manufacturing management
  • Reliability and maintainability engineering
  • Human resource management, industrial and technology marketing
  • Technical project management and control
  • Research and development and innovation management
  • Operation research
  • Forecasting


These programs are only offered in English.

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Online programs in engineering management

Canadian citizens and permanent residents can also register for a similar online program. Two degrees are offered.

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