Discover the world of engineering, technology, and science. By participating in our camps, teens will have the opportunity to conduct science experiments, create virtual worlds, use 3D printers, and learn about programming and robotics.

Our camps

TeenSci camp

The TeenSci camp will be offered in rotation with the TeenTech camp for students from Grade 7 to 9. The program challenges participants to try a variety of hands-on science projects, like dissections, 3D printing, circuit design, chemistry experiments, and much more. Through these projects, participants will experience what it's like to work in university laboratory facilities.

TeenTech camp

The TeenTech Camp will be offered in rotation with the TeenSci camp for students from Grade 7 to 9. During the TeenTech camp, the teens will enjoy a variety of activities in electronics, technology development, 3D modeling, laser cutting, coding, programming, and more.

Schedule: Summer 2024

Numbers 1 and 2 are used to distinguish between the camps. The format and schedule are the same each week, but the projects are different. Therefore, a camper could take part in TeenSci1 and TeenSci2 without repeating the same projects. 

Please note we are closed on July 1 (Canada Day statutory holiday) and August 5 (Ontario civic holiday).

Summer 2024 camp schedule



July 2 to 5 (four-day week) 

TeenSci 1 

July 8 to 12 

TeenTech 1 

July 15 to 19 

TeenSci 2 

July 22 to 26 

TeenTech 2 

July 29 to August 2  

TeenSci 1 

August 6 to 9 (four-day week) 

TeenTech 1  

August 12 to 16 

TeenSci 2 

August 19 to 23  

TeenTech 2

Camp details


Participants must have completed Grade 7, Grade 8, or Grade 9 by the summer of 2024.


All teen programs are generally taught in English with a bilingual instructor offering support in French.


University of Ottawa, 800 King Edward Avenue, SITE (plan)


From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


$355 per week ($285 per week for four-day weeks)

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