The Admissions’ Office of the University of Ottawa may admit students to engineering programs with advanced standing, but will most likely be for non-engineering courses.

To receive your degree, you must complete more than half the credits for your program at the University of Ottawa. Therefore we will only grant you advanced standing for less than half the units you require for your degree.

The Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer has more information on college-university unit transfer in Ontario.

If you have completed post-secondary studies, we might grant you advanced standing (transfer of your credits), depending on the program to which you have received an admission offer.

To be eligible, you must have:

  • Accepted your admission offer;
  • Successfully completed the requested course(s) (minimum 60% - grades will be converted to uOttawa grading scale);
  • Detailed course description and/or a syllabus, dated the year the course was taken.

Please note that the Faculty reserves the right to refuse any requests that are incomplete or has insufficient information.

If you meet the eligibility criteria mentioned above, you can submit a course equivalency request by following these steps: 

  • Download the Advanced Standing Request form
  • Complete section A & B
    • Must provide accurate LAB and/or TUT hours
    • Must provide the Professional Engineer Licence information if you're requesting advanced standing for any CHG, MCG, CVG, ELG & GNG courses
  • Identify your supporting documents in section C
    • Must provide a detailed course description and/or a syllabus from the same year the course was taken
    • Must provide an electronic official transcript showing your final grades. In progress courses will not be evaluated

Once your Advanced Standing request form is complete,

  • Submit your request by email to [email protected] before the deadline:
    • Fall term = August 15
    • Winter term = December 15

A member of the Undergraduate Studies Office of the Faculty of Engineering will acknowledge the reception of your request.

Please note that the time required to evaluate advanced standing may vary depending on the complexity of the request. In general, requests take 20 business days to be completed, but can take longer to process during intensive enrolment periods or during the summer.

During this processing time, we ask students to enrol to their courses following their program's course sequence regardless of their advanced standing request as we cannot guarantee the outcome of the evaluation. This way, students have the opportunity to build a better and more convenient schedule if we cannot grant advanced standing.

Once the evaluation is complete, we will inform you through your @uOttawa student email.

  • If we cannot grant advanced standing, we will do our best to provide information on the decision.
  • If we can grant advanced standing, we will confirm which courses are equivalent and add it in your student file.