Two food researchers looking at a screen

Master of Nutrition and Food Biosciences (MSc)

Open for applications (late applications may be considered)

The Master of Science Nutrition and Food Biosciences focuses on developing advanced research competencies to address current challenges in the areas of Nutrition and Food Biosciences in Canada and globally. The scope of this fundamental and applied sciences program covers the continuum from food processing to health and wellness.

This interdisciplinary program offers advanced education in three main areas of expertise (clinical and public health nutrition, food sciences and cellular and molecular nutrition), which allow students to investigate the role of nutrition and food in promoting health and preventing and treating nutrition related illness. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the chemical composition and physical characteristics of foods, which determine their nutritive value and sensory properties. They will study the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the metabolic responses to different foods and diets and be able to communicate the importance of good nutrition for maintaining health and managing diet-related diseases.

This program addresses the continuum of research from food formulation to metabolism, focusing on the intersection between healthy food and healthier lives.

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