Our graduate students benefit from a variety of choices and opportunities thanks to the collaboration of both sections and their faculty members. Students have the choice to pursue their studies in French, English, or a combination of both languages.

The rich intellectual life of the Faculty of Law is complemented by the University of Ottawa’s location in Canada’s capital. The Parliament, the Supreme Court of Canada, and numerous federal agencies are all within walking distance from the Faculty. These special features attract students from across Canada and from countries all around the world whose interests are diverse but who share a commitment to advanced study of the law.

Considerations that might affect the prospects of admission to a LL.M.

Admission to our Master of Laws is quite competitive. Candidates generally considered must hold an undergraduate law degree (LLB, JD, LLL), unless they have considerable practical and professional experience in the area they propose to research which would justify admission to the graduate  studies in law. Candidates applying with a non-law related undergraduate degree are extremely rarely, if ever, admitted into the program on the strength of a non-law undergraduate degree.

Admission will depend not just on the academic caliber of the candidate, but also on faculty resources. We will not admit candidates whose proposed research proposal fall outside the expertise of our faculty members available to act as supervisors. Candidates are strongly advised to review the online profiles for Faculty of Law professors, and to ensure their research proposals deal with subjects lying within faculty member fields of research expertise. Research topics must have an evident legal focus. It is extremely unlikely that a candidate proposing a topic of pure foreign law, without any international or Canadian comparative element will be admitted to the graduate program.



Fall (September)

Winter (January)

Spring/Summer (May)

Master of Laws (LL.M.)

May 31st -Canadian applicants

February 1st - international applicants 

No admissions possibleNo admissions possible
Doctorate in Law (Ph.D.)

May 31st -Canadian applicants

February 1st - international applicants  

No admissions possibleNo admissions possible

Due to the high volume of applications received for limited spaces, it may be possible program quotas are reached earlier than the listed deadline for the current admission cycle.

International applicants are advised to apply well in advance of departmental deadlines as immigration procedures can be very lengthy.

Please note that all required supporting documents must be submitted in order in order for your application to be evaluated