A few days after completing your admission application on OUAC and having paid the admission fees, you will receive an email from the University of Ottawa.

This email will contain your student number, the uoAccess login and your password required to access your uoZone portal (student portal).

Letters of reference

The names and email addresses of your referees are not added to your OUAC admissions' application. You will have to add their names in your uoZone portal one you have been granted access.

This process is completed within a secure portal where your personal information will remain protected and accessible only by authorized personnel, ensuring the confidentiality of your recommendation letters.

Other documents uoDoc

Once you have submitted your application and it has been transferred to uOttawa’s servers, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access uoZone. Once you have logged in, you must go in the "Applications" section to have access to the uoDoc: Upload Admissions Documents application where you will be able to upload your documents.

You must upload a full set of documents for each program you are applying to, through uoZone, the student portal. Regarding filenames and file format, please respect the following instructions:


  • Submit one document per upload
  • We highly recommend that you convert your documents to PDF formats.
  • File names cannot include parentheses ( ), quotations “ or any other special characters.
  • Keep the file name short and relevant to its content.
  • Separate words with an underscore ( _ ).
  • Make sure to preview your document since you cannot edit or delete once it is submitted.
  • Maximum size of document is 10 MB

Additional information

  • The University of Ottawa can require any other document considered necessary for the evaluation of your admission file.
  • We will start the evaluation process of your admission file once we have received all required documents.It is the candidate responsibility to make sure that the University receives all documents in a reasonable time-frame.

Check your admission file | Add your referees information to your admission file

Read your University of Ottawa email messages.
We will be in touch with you regularly to update you on the status of your application.