Professors in the BMI department include specialists not only in basic biosciences, but also in various methodological disciplines.

In addition to the forty core members listed under the Themes below, other professors who conduct research are cross appointees from other departments of the Faculty of Medicine and affiliated teaching hospitals, or adjunct members from research institutes and government agencies in the Ottawa area. 

Our Department offers a vibrant, dynamic, and highly interactive research and learning environment for trainees at undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral levels.

Disclaimer: Email addresses in each profile are for academic functions at the University and not intended for clinical use. For all patient/clinical matters, please contact the respective clinic.

Our Professors

Sample of our professors' work


Hela cells - Actin structure

Figure source: Jonathan Lee. Adapted from Szeto et al. Exp Cell Res. 2015 Jan 15;330(2): 248-66. Copyright © 2014.
Comparison of USP4, USP15 and USP11 features.

Networked of deubiquitinating enzymes USP4, USP15, and USP11

Figure source: Douglas Gray. Adapted from Vlasschaert et al, BMC Evolutionary Biology 2015 15:230. Copyright © 2015.
Phase-contrast and fluorescence microscopy images of biofilm cells.

Planktonic cells

Figure source: Thien-Fah Mah
Typical conformations of peptide CLKRS.

Molecular simulation

Figure source: Emilio Alarcon. Adapted from Poblete et al. Langmuir 2016,32,265-273. Copyright 2015 © American Chemical Society.
Chemical neurotransmission occurs at the synapse.

Chemical neurotransmission

Figure source. Daniel Figeys. Adapted from Bennett et al, Front. Physiol. 4:168. Copyright © 2013
Immunostaining image.


Figure source: Subash Sad. Immunostaining.
Axial alignment of compatible Cx connexons generate homotypic, heterotypic, and heteromeric.

Membrane lipid layers

Figure source: Steffany Bennett. Adapted from Swayne et al, BMC Cell Biology 2016, 17 (Suppl 1): 10. Copyright © 2015
Chemotherapeutic drugs treatment of SUM190 cells

Human breast cancer cell line

Figure source: Lisheng Wang. Adapted from Jia et al, Oncotarget. 2016 Jan 5;7(1); 771-785. Copyright © 2016.