The graduate programs (CMM and NSC) within the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine have funding that can be used to cover expenses incurred by graduate students when presenting their research at national and international conferences.

Student requests for conference travel awards are approved on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to the availability of funds.

Conference Travel Support

Eligible Expenses:

  • Conference registration fee;
  • Transportation costs only at the most economical rate – outside Ottawa-Gatineau region;
  • Accommodations and meals;

Maximum Grant

  • Master's with thesis: up to $600
  • PhD: up to $1,000


Master's with thesis students applying for a conference travel grant must:

  • Be enrolled full time in a thesis program at the time of the conference;
  • Present their research at the conference within the first six terms from their initial registration in the Master's program.

PhD students applying for a conference travel grant must:

  • Be enrolled full time in a PhD program at the time of the conference;
  • Have completed at least two terms in their PhD program;
  • Present their research at the conference within the first 15 terms from their initial registration in the PhD program.


  • A student can only be awarded:
    • Master's with thesis: one grant through the completion of their program
    • PhD:
      • A maximum of two grants can be awarded to a student in a regular PhD through the duration of their program;
      • A maximum of one grant will be provided per fiscal year (between May 1 and April 30)
  • Conferences taking place in the Ottawa-Gatineau area are not eligible;
  • The publication and presentation must deal with research results obtained during the current program and be related to the thesis;
  • The applicant must be the first author (as listed on the official publication or conference documents) and the presenter;
  • The applicant must obtain a financial contribution for the conference (a minimum of $100 is required) from their supervisor.

Deadline for application:

Please read carefully

  • All applications must be submitted at least a week (5 business days) before the first official day of the conference. It is recommended to submit the complete application 30 days prior to the conference in order to receive a decision prior to departure.
  • Only complete applications will be processed. It is the sole responsibility of the student to ensure that all the required documentation, confirmation of financial contribution, and all signatures are provided with the application. If the application is refused, the student has the possibility to resubmit a second complete application.
  • Students can receive only one travel grant per conference.

How to apply for the conference travel grant

Please note that if you are not requesting money from your supervisor or program, you do not need to complete the Conference Travel Grant form.  Please ensure you include a FDM (formerly FOAP) for the contribution from your supervisor.

How to get a FDM (formerly FOAP)

Option 1: If your supervisor has funds administered through the University of Ottawa

Your supervisor will have an accounting key (FDM).

Option 2: If your supervisor does not have funds administered through the University of Ottawa and you are requesting funds from the graduate program.

You must bring the form to your departmental administrative office for approval from the program director.
After the program director approves, the department will assign the accounting key (FDM).

  • Submit all the documents for your requests to the following:

By email: to cmmdept at [email protected]. Please make sure that all your documents are clearly scanned and saved in separate files with a clear title for each document.

Your request must include the following:

  • The Conference Travel Grant form completed and signed by you and your supervisor;


  • Proof of invitation that you are presenting.
  • Copy of your abstract

Students who are not on Workday

If you are not on Workday, please complete the following form, provide a void cheque or official bank document and send it with your application.

Request to create an External Committee Member form (pdf)

Wait for the acceptance or refusal letter from CMM. The decision will be sent by email.

How to seek reimbursement

When travelling, please keep all original receipts in good condition (not crumpled). A good tip is to take a good clear picture of each receipt as soon as you get it. Make sure that each receipt is saved with a clear save name. For example: Taxi from hotel to conference + date, or conference payment receipt + date, or dinner Aug 4. To seek reimbursement, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Conference registration payment receipt;
  • Copy of the conference program (this can be a PDF copy);
  • Transportation payment receipts (flight, bus, train, taxi etc.).
  • Meals. Please provide itemized and payment receipts. Please note: Alcohol at any meal is not an allowable expense and will be deducted from your reimbursement claim. Please do not pay for another person's meal. Please discuss with your supervisor if claiming food per diem is also an option. 
  • Hotel receipts. Please make sure to provide detailed receipts. If there are any added expenditures (alcohol, snacks, toothpaste, meals), these will be deducted from your claim. If you shared a room with another student, please let us know, provide the student's name in your claim as they may also be seeking reimbursement, and provide proof of payment and receipt from that student or vice versa (i.e. email transfer).

Please submit all receipts to Doris Peixoto (within 10 working days following your return) at [email protected]. If you are on Workday, please let us know, and we will provide you with instructions on how to submit your reimbursement.

Additional funding available:

If you are looking for additional funding, you may want to consult the links below (please apply before travel):

If you receive any of the additional funding below, please let us know when you submit your claim provide the notification and amount awarded.


For more information on the Individual Academic Project fund, please visit the GSAED webpage.


For more information regarding the CUPE 2626 Conference Fund, please visit the CUPE webpage.