The ultimate goal of our efforts has always been, and will certainly remain, to improve the delivery of quality health care services to all minority Francophone populations in Canada.

We invite you to join a team of dynamic and committed individuals working towards the following common goals:

  • Striving for excellence in medical education in French

  • Promoting Francophonie in medical education for learners across the continuum of education and for patients

  • Collaborating on stimulating initiatives for minority communities

  • Seeing to the advancement of medical knowledge through research and innovation in pedagogy as well as in scientific or clinical settings, in French. 

Membership criteria

  • Have an interest in contributing to the activities of Francophone the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine Francophone Affairs

  • Consider oneself a Francophone or Francophile


By joining the Francophone Affairs team, you will obtain:

  • Support for your academic advancement and for completing your academic credentials

  • Support with the creation of your courses and their linguistic revision*

  • Logistical support for implementing your projects (teaching, training of residents, active offer and social responsibility)*

  • Access to several pedagogical tools (Mentimeter, Zoom, etc.)*

  • Support for developing your medical education research projects*

  • Possibility of receiving free trainings, whether for your academic or continuing professional development

  • A 40% discount on fee-based trainings offered by Francophone Affairs

  • Support in your learning of French as a second language

Conditions of membership


  • is valid for a period of 3 years and is renewable

  • can be suspended or terminated at any time at the discretion of the Vice-Dean of the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine Francophone Affairs

  • does not confer any automatic right to direct financial compensation


By becoming a member of Francophone Affairs, your commitment will be to:

  • Support the values promoted by the Faculty of Medicine Francophone Affairs and practise active offer

  • Recognize the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine Francophone Affairs in all documents, publications and presentations related to your work with Francophone Affairs

  • Engage in collaborating with other members of Francophone Affairs according to your interests, skills and availability

  • Inform the Vice-Dean of Francophone Affairs of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa of any allegation or complaint made against you in a timely manner.

To become a member of Francophone Affairs, contact us at [email protected].

NB: Membership in the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine Francophone Affairs is subject to the evaluation of your application by the team committee.

*Subject to availability