Studying pharmacy at the University of Ottawa means enjoying from a wide range of student services and activities offered by the University, as well as from all benefits of living in the National Capital, a bilingual, dynamic, and affordable region.

Study in Ottawa

With four universities and several colleges, Ottawa is definitely a great place to study... and a great place to live! Several reports have ranked Ottawa as the best place to live in Canada.

  • Ottawa is the ultimate bilingual city and has a thriving French-speaking community
  • Housing is more affordable than in other major Canadian cities such as Toronto or Vancouver
  • Buses, light rail transit, car sharing, bike paths: many transportation options are available besides the car
  • Culture is alive due to museums, festivals, and restaurants
  • The city has numerous sports facilities, trails, parks, beaches and even the world's longest skating rink! A thousand ways to get out and stretch your legs!

Enroll in the University of Ottawa’s PharmD program as early as the fall of 2022!

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PharmD students will be able to take advantage of many of the services offered by the University of Ottawa:

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Studying pharmacy in French at the uOttawa's Faculty of Medicine means choosing to become a major asset to the healthcare system in Francophone minority communities! As a graduate of the PharmD program, you will:

  • Be able to work in a bilingual practice
  • Provide high-quality services to Francophone minority communities while serving the general population
  • Be aware of the specific needs of Francophone minority communities and promote active offer of services in French in your workplace
  • Be a key player in the growing network of Francophone healthcare workers across the country
  • Demonstrate commitment to Francophone organizations working in the field of pharmacy and health in French
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A uOttawa PharmD graduate will be a pharmacist who:

  • Communicates effectively with members of its Francophone minority community to provide personalized care that meets local needs
  • Uses current scientific evidence to responsibly optimize comprehensive drug therapy for its patients
  • Is confident and autonomous in its practice and maintains current skills to proactively contribute to local health services and collaborate optimally with other providers
  • Shares knowledge in the community and with other healthcare providers to educate and contribute to health promotion
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The program offers a curriculum infused with the latest evidence-based practices in education:

  • A competency-based approach, which aims to develop all necessary skills for the practice of pharmacy
  • A spiral approach in which concepts and problems to be solved are addressed longitudinally with increasing complexity
  • Active learning methods such as problem-based learning, case studies, role playing, etc.
  • An experiential learning experience incorporating 40 weeks of practical training, lab sessions and projects to consolidate theory and practice
  • A competency-based evaluation system in which the student is given feedback on a continuous basis
  • Training with a focus on interprofessionnalism
  • A curriculum that is evaluated on a continuous basis to ensure its relevance in real time

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