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School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Established in 2021, the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences is located in the heart of the Faculty of Medicine. Home to the brand new PharmD program in French, it aims at being a bilingual global leader in educational innovation and in drug research and pharmaceutical care.

Our vision

To be a bilingual global leader in educational innovation and in drug research and pharmaceutical care.

Since 2021, our ambition has been to promote training and research in pharmaceutical sciences in an inclusive environment and in both official languages. To do this, we rely on university professors, researchers and partners who are leaders in pharmaceutical sciences in community or hospital clinical settings. They will contribute to improving the health of communities through the integration of education, research and patient care.

You wish to get involved with the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences?

We are actively recruiting adjunct faculty members. Refer to the application procedures. (pdf, 174.77 KB).

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The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences is a proud member of the International Pharmaceutical Federation.

A word from the Director

Dr Daniel Figeys

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the new School of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa. The School was founded by clinical pharmacy faculty members working in affiliated hospitals and in our community, as well as other members with expertise in pharmaceutical research. Established in 2021, the School is rapidly expanding with the creation of new programs.

We are working to develop leading educational programs in pharmaceutical sciences that meet the changing needs of our communities. We have developed an undergraduate Doctor of Pharmacy program focused on the training of pharmacists in French. The first cohort of students will be welcomed in the fall of 2023. These students will have unique training opportunities in Francophone communities across the country. We also plan to offer continuing education programs and microprograms in both official languages. The School intends to develop a graduate program focused on research in pharmaceutical sciences. Lastly, the School also supports the NSERC-CREATE training program called TECHNOMISE (TECHNOlogies for MIcrobiome Science and Engineering) with its interdisciplinary focus on microbiome-related sciences and professional development.

We are recruiting experts from around the world for our new School to support our educational programs and research. We are currently developing our research focus with an emphasis on pharmaceutical science research, including the fields of pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, galenics, and pharmaceutical practice, to name just a few. The School is also a member of the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica-University of Ottawa Joint Research Center on Systems and Personalized Pharmacology. This joint centre focuses on the development of new drugs and reagents.

The School is located in Ottawa, a growing multicultural city. Our students will have training and employment opportunities in communities across Canada and exchange opportunities around the world. Ottawa also offers many opportunities in government and in the fields of health and education, and has growing high-tech and biotechnology sectors.

I hope to have the opportunity to welcome you to our School.

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