Here is the team of individuals who work behind the front lines supporting and promoting the work of all the researchers.

As students gradually come back to campus and life returns to some normalcy, research continues to thrive at the Faculty of Science. The benefits of the research conducted in our faculty will be felt in our daily lives, our health and our environment. Thus, research by Professors Jeff Lundeen and Robert Boyd, from the Physics department, led to the development of the "spaceplate", a radical new way to make your camera super-thin. Research by the group of Professor Derek Pratt, from the Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences, furthers our understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying disease. Recent studies by the laboratory of Professor Clément Bataille, from the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, improved our ability to detect the spruce budworm, a pest insect that defoliates our boreal forest. These are only a few of the achievements from our researchers in the last year that are featured in this report.

Success of researchers in highly competitive funding programs continues and is accompanied by prestigious national and international prizes. Professor Paul Corkum, from the Department of Physics, obtained the Wolf prize in Physics, the highest honour after the Nobel Prize. Professor Jan Mennigen, from the Department of Biology, earned the Gorbman-Bern New Independent Investigator Award for his work on glucose intolerance in the rainbow trout, studies that have important ecological and economical implications in the context of aquaculture. Our researchers interact with the private sector in innovative projects such as one to establish the genetic basis of preferences when it comes to coffee drinking, a study undertaken collaboratively between Beverage Genetics and the Faculty of Science Core Molecular Biology and Genomics Laboratory. I hope you will share our excitement about these achievements and the numerous others featured in this report.

- Marc Ekker, Vice-Dean, Research and Infrastructure

Research committee members

  • Marc Ekker (Chair); Vice-Dean, Research and Infrastructure
  • André Beauchemin (Vice-Chair); Vice-Dean, Graduate Studies and Entrepreneurship
  • Emily Standen; Associate Professor, Department of Biology
  • Stephen Newman; Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences
  • Pascal Audet; Associate Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Frithjof Lutscher; Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Ebrahim Karimi, Associate Professor, Department of Physics
  • Jasmine Lefebvre (non-voting member); Research Advisor
  • Hugo Lemieux (non-voting member); Research Advisor
  • France Malette (non-voting member); Chief Administrative Officer

Department chairs


The Research Office was established to support and promote research at the Faculty of Science. It serves as the main liaison between granting agencies and researchers, as well as with University of Ottawa research services.
The office also assists researchers in preparing grant and scholarship applications, as well as research chair applications and award nominations.

Our team and contact info

Marc Ekker

Full Professor
Vice-Dean, Research and Infrastructure
Room: STM 323
Office: (613) 562-5800 ext. 2605
Work E-mail: [email protected]

Jasmine Lefebvre

Senior Research Advisor
Room: STM 306
Office: (613) 562-5986
Work E-mail: [email protected]

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