MA in Experimental Psychology

The School of Psychology now offers two new masters, an MA with major research paper and an MA, course based with co-op. 

General information and program requirements - Master of Arts Experimental Psychology

MA in Psychedelics and Consciousness Studies

Psychedelics Studies is concerned with the therapeutic, spiritual, and ritual uses of psychedelics cross-culturally and throughout human history. It is a broad field that draws upon research in human consciousness, psychology, comparative mysticism, medicine, and spiritual care.

  • Apply healing approaches based on non-ordinary states of consciousness using experiential knowledge and skills in traditional healing practices

  • Promote responsible, ethical and decolonized health care.

  • Contribute to the advancement of the psychedelics discipline through research based on combination of theoretical and experimental approaches.

  • Provide professional guidance and support based on research and best practices in mental health and spiritual care, while respecting sociocultural diversity and ethical norms.

General information and program requirements - Master of Arts in Psychedelics and Consciousness Studies

Doctorate in Philosophy Psychology

Study the complexity of human behaviour in sophisticated and creative research environments

In the combined MA/PhD program, you will acquire broad-based research competencies and develop professional skills in behavioural neuroscience, cognition, developmental psychology and social/community psychology. You will have the opportunity to learn from our dynamic team of professors with research interests ranging from neurons to neighbourhoods, and practise in our state-of-the-art multi-disciplinary research facilities, including the INSPIRE laboratory. You will be prepared to work in a number of research settings, including universities, government and industry.

General information and program requirements - Doctorate in Philosophy Psychology

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