Master’s program

MA in Experimental Psychology

The School of Psychology now offers two new masters, an MA with major research paper and an MA, course based with co-op.

General information and program requirements - Master of Arts Experimental Psychology

MA in Psychedelics and Consciousness Studies

PhD program

Doctorate in Philosophy Psychology

Study the complexity of human behaviour in sophisticated and creative research environments

In the combined MA/PhD program, you will acquire broad-based research competencies and develop professional skills in behavioural neuroscience, cognition, developmental psychology and social/community psychology. You will have the opportunity to learn from our dynamic team of professors with research interests ranging from neurons to neighbourhoods, and practise in our state-of-the-art multi-disciplinary research facilities, including the INSPIRE laboratory. You will be prepared to work in a number of research settings, including universities, government and industry.

General information and program requirements - Doctorate in Philosophy Psychology

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