Directed Readings in Psychology (PSY 4110) and Directed Research in Psychology (PSY 4310)

Directed Readings and Directed Research in Psychology are special course codes used for advanced study or advanced research in specialty areas of psychology.


These courses are not regularly offered courses; instead they are special, one-time configurations created by a professor-student pair to explore in depth a specialty topic not covered by the regular courses offered in the program. Whereas there is no formal scheduling for directed courses, it should correspond to regular starting and finishing dates of semester sessions. Directed courses may be held during the Spring and Summer sessions as well as during the regular terms. Registration is limited.

Note: A title will be added to the student’s transcript in order to reflect specifically the content of the course followed. A short title must therefore be provided for the course.


  • Students wishing to do a Directed Readings or Directed Research course must find a professor in the School of Psychology who is willing to supervise them in the course;
  • Students wishing to do a Directed Readings or a Directed Research course can only be supervised by full-time faculty members of the School of Psychology or professors affiliated with the School of Psychology who are actively involved in research and have supervisory rights as indicated on our Professors page;
  • The professor must submit a detailed syllabus for the course, as well as the required application form, to the Director of Undergraduate Programs in Psychology for approval. The syllabus will include the course content, the bibliography, the meeting arrangements, and the method of evaluation;
  • The courses are open to third and fourth-year students (need to have completed 54 university credits including PSY 1101 and PSY 1102);
  • Students must be registered in the Major, Joint Honours, or Honours with Specialization program in psychology;
  • Students may register to a maximum of one Directed Readings in Psychology course and one Directed Research in Psychology course;
  • A minimum grade point average of 7.0 is required;
  • Registration deadlines are stated in the university calendar and will take place at the beginning of each semester;
  • The application must be submitted by the professor to the Director of Undergraduate Programs at least 10 days prior to the beginning of the term;
  • The course description must be approved by the Director of Undergraduate Programs prior to registration.


The course has a value of three (3) credits.


  • As in other courses, at least two evaluations are required to establish a final mark;
  • The professor in charge of the course is responsible for marking;
  • A student who wishes to do an honours thesis with the same supervisor must ensure that the topic is not identical to what is covered in the Directed Research or Directed Readings course.