Financial Resources Appeal Committee

Prior to appealing to the Financial Resources Appeals Committee, you must have submitted and appeal to and received a formal decision from the academic unit concerned. If not satisfied with that decision, you may submit and appeal to the above-mentioned Financial Resources Committee within 10 working days from the date you receive the decision.

Your request for an appeal is subject to an initial assessment of admissibility before being submitted to the Financial Resources Appeal Committee. Your request will be found inadmissible if one of the following applies:


  • you have not submitted your request within 10 working days following the receipt of the decision of your faculty, your school or InfoService;
  • you attended your final term exams;
  • you have a grade in your transcript for the class or classes in question.


You can appeal a decision that applies to the current term as well as the three previous terms. If you wish to appeal a decision that applies to an earlier term, please select the oldest term available in our online tool and specify in your letter to the Committee: the term for which you are requesting a refund, the list of courses, and the reason why you are submitting your appeal at this time rather than earlier.

You can only make an appeal if there have been exceptional life circumstances that have prevented you from recording your withdrawal before the course withdrawal deadline. Exceptional life circumstances are serious problems that prevent you from functioning normally and meeting course deadlines, such as a physical or mental illness or the death of a family member.

To submit an appeal to the Financial Resources Appeal Committee, go to Finances and jobs in uoZone and select Appeal Committee request. Include a letter detailing the circumstances surrounding the matter you are appealing, the basis for appeal, i.e. the reasons why the faculty, the school or InfoService decision should be reversed or modified, and the solution sought. You should attach all supporting documentation (third-party letter, medical certificate, etc.) to this letter.

Submit the completed appeal request to the Financial Resources Appeal Committee.

Impact of an appeal to other services
  • Refunds of your residence fees are subject to the terms of your residence contract and are not affected simply because you have filed an appeal. For instance, dropping courses or withdrawing from the University doesn’t automatically cancel your residence reservation or an active residence contract. Also, your reservation deposit is non-refundable.For more information on residence fees and housing, please visit the Housing Service website.
  • Dropping courses can have an impact on any financial aid or scholarships you receive. Financial Resources informs the Financial Aid and Awards office if your course load changes, and your funding may subsequently be affected. To find out whether this is the case for your financial aid or scholarships, visit the Financial Aid and Awards website or office.
Reasons and supporting documentation
  • Physical or mental illness

We require a medical certificate from your health care professional (or a letter of support from uOttawa’s Counselling and Coaching Service). This document must include your name, period of absence and return date, the medical appointment date and the health care professional’s signature. If there are doubts about the authenticity of your medical document, the University can require that it be validated by University of Ottawa Health Services. If you attend classes during the absence period indicated on your medical document, you can no longer submit a request based on a physical or mental illness.

  • Death of a family member

We require a death certificate.

Non-attendance Confirmation: letter from your professor confirming that you have not submitted any exams, assignments or attended classes while you were supposed to be absent.

*Other reasons that you may bring to the attention of your faculty or school:

  • harassment
  • concerns over language of instruction
  • concerns over quality of teaching

*We will refuse any request submitted for the following reasons:

  • misunderstanding of the important academic dates and deadlines
  • probable failing grade in a course
  • unsuccessful attempt to withdraw using the University’s online registration tool 
  • financial difficulties
  • travel
  • course not meeting your need or expectations
  • employment
  • any other reason deemed unacceptable by the faculty or school
Decision and wait times

The Financial Resources Appeal Committee has one month to review your appeal request and provide you with its decision by email. If this process is expected, we will notify you by email.

You will receive an email with the decision the week following the meeting where your appeal was presented. Occasionally, however, the Committee decides that more information is required before it can rule; in these cases, the decision is rendered at the next meeting.

Please note that registration periods and the beginning of a new session are particularly busy and may result in longer wait times.

Members of the Appeal Committee

The committee is made up of representatives from Financial Resources, the Office of the Registrar as well as two Faculty members. Quorum is three members, including one representative from the Office of the Registrar and one from Financial Resources.

A member of the Committee should recuse himself when dealing with an appeal where the member, alone or as part of a committee, reported an issue, made a recommendation or rendered a decision in the faculty appeal process involving the matter which is the subject of the Financial Resources Appeal Committee. Members should also recuse themselves from a particular appeal where they feel that, in the circumstances, they are not sufficiently objective to evaluate the appeal.

The chair does not vote except to break a tie but can take part in discussions. If the chair is absent, the manager takes the chair’s place or appoints a replacement.

The committee secretary does not vote and does not take part in discussions. The secretary prepares cases coming before the committee, organizes meetings and notifies students in writing of the committee’s decisions.

Reviewing a decision

If you are not satisfied with a decision and have new information that might be pertinent, you can submit a new request to the Financial Resources Appeal Committee, along with supporting new documents, to have your file re-examined in light of the new information and new supporting documents you’ve provided. If your request for an appeal does not include any new information, it will be refused.


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