Can I make electronic payment through the University of Ottawa’s website?

No. We don’t offer this payment option. To pay your balance online, go to your financial institution’s website and pay your bill through online banking. Enter the University of Ottawa as the payee and use your student number as your account number.

Can my fees be paid by a third party?

Yes. If someone else is paying your fees electronically, that person simply needs to set up the University of Ottawa as a payee and use your uOttawa student number as the account number when making a payment. A copy of the statement of account isn’t required to pay online, only the amount due. 

I’d like to pay my residence fees separate from my university fees. How can I do that?

It’s now possible for you to pay your residence fees online through your financial institution. Use your student number as your account number and select “University of Ottawa Housing” as the payee.

How can I pay for my meal plan?

Mandatory meal plan

The cost of your mandatory meal plan is included in the university fees that appear in your student account, available through uoZone. This means that the methods of payment for your meal plan are the same as for your university and residence fees.  

Upgrading a mandatory meal plan and paying for other meal plans

Starting on August 17, 2015, if you’ve already paid the fees covering your mandatory meal plan, you can upgrade your plan in person at the uOttawa Card Services office.

You can pay for any of the other meal plans online using your uOttawa card. You can also make your payment in person with a certified cheque or money order payable to uOttawa Card Services at the uOttawa Card Services office or by mailing your certified cheque or money order to the address below.

uOttawa Card Services
University Centre

85 University, Room 106
Ottawa ON  K1N 6N5

Tel.: 613-562-5893

Are there any charges if my cheque is returned NSF (not sufficient funds)?

Yes. If your bank returns your cheque, a $40* administrative fee will be applied to your account, plus interest charged at the National Bank of Canada prime rate plus 9%, annually. Late payment fees may also apply.

*This administrative fee has been approved by the University’s Board of Governors. 

Will I be charged late fees if I don’t pay my tuition by the deadline?

Yes. If your payment isn't received by the due date, a $60* late fee will be applied to your account, plus interest, charged at the National Bank of Canada prime rate plus 9%, annually. 

*This administrative fee has been approved by the University’s Board of Governors.

The payment deadline is approaching and my scholarship or bursary still has not been deposited in my account. What should I do?

You must contact the Financial Aid and Awards Service to confirm that you are eligible for the scholarship or bursary. You are responsible for paying the balance not covered by your scholarship or bursary by the payment deadline.

Financial Aid and Awards
Desmarais Building
55 Laurier Avenue East 
Room 3156
Ottawa ON K1N 6N5

Tel.: 613-562-5734 
Toll-free: 1-877-868-8292 ext. #5734
Fax: 613-562-5155 
Email: loansandawards@uOttawa.ca

What should I do if a payment I made more than four working days ago still hasn’t shown up on my statement of account?

Please send proof of the payment to Financial Services so we can locate the payment.

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

Where can I check how much OSAP funding has been redirected to the University?

This amount will be displayed in your Student Account. To view this information, log into uoZone. Under Applications, click Student Center and select, Statement of Account. Then click on the OSAP net billing tab. Note that this function will only be available in late July 2018.

What if I have funds left over?

If there are any OSAP funds remaining after your fees have been paid, the remaining funds will be deposited into your bank account.


Can I request a refund and what are the fees?

If you receive a credit as a result of changing your classes, the credit is automatically applied against the tuition fees for your next term unless you have submitted a request for a refund. A $25 administration fee is automatically deducted from your refund. See the list of approved administrative fees. Your request for changes to your registration or to withdraw must appear in your student file before the deadline listed in the important dates and deadlines section of the university calendar.

There are no administrative fees for refunds of other fees, such as scholarships and overpayments.

What do I do if I have requested a refund but haven’t received it yet? (for cheques)

(For cheques only)

Refunds are usually processed within 14 days. However, if you haven't received your refund after this period, please email us a completed replacement cheque request form. You’ll receive a confirmation email when your cheque is ready.

Will I receive a confirmation email after I submit a refund request?

You will receive an email confirming that we have received your refund request. Please note that assessment time may take up to 10 working days. Once the assessment is complete:

  • If your request is declined, we will send you an email explaining the reason.
  • If your request is accepted, you will receive an email from Interac giving you the instructions on how to accept your reimbursement.

How do I make a refund request to receive my funds through Interac e-transfer?

You need to submit a refund request online through uoZone, under the Applications tab, select « Refund Request » and follow the steps.

It can take up to 10 business days for the request to be processed. If your request has been granted, you will receive an e-mail from Interac within a delay of 24-48h indicating you the procedure to follow to accept the e-transfer.

What do I need to do if my e-transfer has expired?

An Interac e-transfer expires 30 days after it has been processed. Once the 30 days have elapsed, Interac will return the funds to us. Your student account will be credited within 4-5 business days following the 30 days. Once the credit balance has been added back to your student account, you may submit a new refund request.

I entered a wrong password three times and I no longer have access to the refund, what should I do?

The refund will go back to your student account within 3-4 business days. Once the credit has been applied to your student account, you may submit another refund request.

I do not have a Canadian bank account, what should I do?

E-mail us at finance@uottawa.ca and we will let you know the procedure to follow according to your situation.

I am currently on an exchange/ internship abroad. Can I still receive a refund through an Interac e-transfer?

Yes, as long as you have a Canadian bank account, you will receive an e-mail at your @uottawa address and you will be able to accept the e-transfer electronically.

Otherwise, you can e-mail us at finance@uottawa.ca and we will let you know the procedures to follow.

I submitted my refund request online a few days ago and I have not yet received any Interac e-mail, is that normal?

It can take up to 10 business days to process a refund request. Once the request has been processed, we will initialize the transfer with Interac, which can take an additional delay of 24-48h.

Interac e-transfers are only sent to your @uottawa email address. Please check your inbox as well as your spam e-mails. If it has been more than 15 business days since you submitted your refund request, please e-mail us at finance@uottawa.ca.

I do not remember my password to access my @uottawa.ca e-mail address, what should I do?

For technical assistance, please contact IT Services at 613-562-5800 ext. 6555.

You can also submit a service desk request online.

Can I receive an Interac refund at an e-mail address other than the @uottawa one?

No. For security and identification reasons, only the @uottawa e-mail address can be used to make the Interac e-transfer.

The credit balance on my account exceeds 10 000 $ (the maximum amount allowed by Interac). How will I be refunded?

You will receive it in multiple installments, even if your entire refund is processed the same day. Depending on your bank's policies, you may be able to accept the installments at intervals of 24 or 48 hours. This is out of the control of Interac or the University of Ottawa.

Income tax

What is the difference between a T2202 and a T4A tax slip?

The T2202 is not a receipt but simply confirmation of the fees that are tax deductive for a given tax year. Only fees paid appear on a T2202. 

You will receive a T4A slip if you received any scholarships, bursaries or uOttawa awards, including funds from outside agencies or organizations, during the tax year.

• If the funds were applied to your uOttawa account, your T4A slip will be available in uoZone.
• If the funds were applied to your uOttawa account but no T4A appears in uoZone, contact Human Resources

Who receives an RL-8 (Relevé 8) slip?

RL-8 slips (Amount for postsecondary studies) are issued to Quebec residents by Revenu Québec. Only fees for terms you completed are included on an RL-8.

For any information related to RL-8 slips, contact Revenu Québec.

Western Union Business Solutions

What are the benefits of using this payment method?

By using the international student payment portal you will receive an exchange rate quote that is valid for 72 hours. This will allow you to always know the amount you’re going to pay in local currency at the time you send your payment, and have confidence that the full amount will arrive to the campus and be posted to your student account quickly. Advantages of using this payment method include:

• You can pay your tuition and fees in the currency of your choice which will then be converted to Canadian Dollars. 
• There are NO additional transaction charges from Western Union Business Solutions or the university, though you may be charged a transaction fee by your bank.
• The exchange rate is valid for 72 hours after the transaction is initiated, taking the uncertainty out of the total payment amount. 
• The exchange rate is competitive when compared to most banks’ retail rates. 
• Payments received will include your reference information, which ensures that your payment reaches your student account quickly. 
• Payments will be electronically transmitted to the University ensuring timely posting, typically 2-5 business days from the time you initiate the payment. 

How do I request a payment quote and send out a payment?

Step 1: Access the Platform
• Enter login information (Student ID, Name,Email). 
Step 2: Get a Payment Quote 
• Input amount owed in Canadian Dollars.
• *Choose currency type from the dropdown bar.
• An exchange rate quote will automatically be generated and valid for 72 hours.
• Print out or save payment instructions. 
Step 3: Bank Transfer 
• Use payment instructions to make a payment in person, online, or by phone at your local bank.
Step 4: Payment Finalized 
• The University will post the Canadian Dollar equivalent to your student account once the funds are processed by Western Union Business Solutions, generally 2 to 5 business days after your local bank initiates payment.

* If your local currency is not available, please select an alternative currency or Canadian Dollars. You will receive all of the benefits listed above including no banking charges from your university or Western Union Business Solutions, quicker posting of payment to your student account, and fully referenced payments.

Who can I contact if I have questions about making a payment?

Please contact Western Union Business Solutions:
Phone: +1 877 218 8829
Email: studentinquiries@westernunion.com

If you would like feedback on the status of your payment, please email studentinquiries@westernunion.com with the following information:
Student Name
Student ID
Payment Reference Number
Date of Transaction
Proof of payment from your bank, if you have already initiated the wire transfer.

Which fees can I pay using this service?

This service can be used to make payment for all balances on your student account. 

If l pay in my local currency, will the university receive Canadian Dollars (CAD)?

Yes. Once Western Union Business Solutions receives your local currency payment, we will remit the funds to the University in Canadian Dollars.

How can l find out the amount I owe in my local currency?

Once you have chosen a currency in the dropdown list, the system will automatically display the amount due in your local currency.

Why is my currency not available?

Unfortunately, due to international and domestic banking regulations, some currencies are unable to be traded on the open market or are otherwise unavailable. In the instances where your currency is unavailable, you can select an alternative currency, including Canadian Dollars, to ensure your payment will be posted to your student account quickly.

Do l need to include the payment reference number when I make my payment?

Yes. This ensures your payment is easily identified and posted to your student account quickly. Your payment reference number is located on the payment instructions form at the time your payment quote is generated. Please include your payment reference number in the “payment reference” field when sending funds to Western Union Business Solutions.

I forgot to include my payment reference number with my payment. Will my payment be delayed?

If you forgot to include your payment reference number there is a possibility that your payment will be delayed. Under these circumstances please contact us immediately by phone: +1 877 218 8829 or email: studentinquiries@westernunion.com
Be prepared to offer the following information:
Student Name 
Student ID
Payment Reference Number
Date of transaction
Currency paid
Proof of payment from your bank, if you have already initiated the wire transfer.


Am I responsible for following up with my sponsor if my university fees aren’t paid by the deadline?

Yes. Your university fees must be paid by the deadline, so be sure to check your student account, available in uoZone, to see if your sponsor has paid the fees.  If you see that any fees aren’t paid, contact your sponsor immediately.

How can I find out if there are any fees not covered by my sponsor?

Contact your sponsor to check the terms of your agreement, how long you’re covered by the agreement and whether there any fees not covered. You are responsible for paying any amounts not covered by your sponsor and for any balance on your student account. Late payment fees and interest may apply to any outstanding balance.

Is there a difference between the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) and the private medical and dental insurance plan?

Yes. UHIP is mandatory for international students and provides coverage for basic health care services such as hospital stays and treatment, physician visits, laboratory tests, travel by ambulance and some of the other services usually covered by the government-sponsored Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP).

The private medical and dental insurance plan is offered by your student association through Greenshield and provides coverage for prescription drugs, dental and some health services not covered under the UHIP plan.

Am I responsible for opting out of the private medical and dental insurance or the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) if I’m covered under a plan through my sponsor?

Yes. If you’re covered by a comparable private medical and dental plan, you can opt out of the private plan but must do so by September 30. Opting out is done through uoZone.

UHIP is mandatory for all international students. However, if you’re an international student but are covered by a plan that is considered comparable to the UHIP plan, you can make a request to opt out of UHIP. To do so, please contact the International Office directly.
NOTE: Approval to opt out is not guaranteed. 

Other questions

Where can I get more information on U-Pass?

You can get all the information you need on U-Pass from your student association. You can also provide association representatives with your feedback and ask them any questions you may have.

Undergraduate students
U-Pass Ottawa

Graduate students

How can I provide feedback on the service I received?

You can provide your feedback by contacting Étienne Poirier at epoirie2@uottawa.ca

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