Health and dental insurance

Students have voted to make membership in a student insurance plan mandatory. Premiums cover certain health and dental expenses. Please visit one of these websites for the schedule of benefits available to you under your group insurance plan:

To make premium collection efficient and inexpensive for the Student Federation and the Graduate Students' Association, the University of Ottawa has agreed to include premiums with university fees. We add a fee for individual coverage to the university fees of full-time students, which appears on the statement of account. It covers you for a 12-month period starting in September. Family insurance is also available. To receive family insurance, contact your student association.

Your insurance premiums must be paid by the date indicated in the Important dates and deadlines, or as soon as your class selection is approved.

If you have comparable coverage, you may opt out of the plan by providing the insurance company with proof of equivalent coverage by September 30. To opt out of the insurance and/or dental plans, go to uoZone, click on Finances and jobs, choose Opt-out and provide the information requested by the insurance company. You must apply to opt out every school year.

When you save your information, a confirmation number is generated automatically. Please keep this number as proof that you have opted out. A credit is then applied to your student account and the insurance company validates the information. Only students who provide acceptable proof that they are covered by a comparable health and/or dental plan are exempt from paying premiums.

Please note that your opting out of the insurance plan does not extend to the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP), which international students are required to join.

If wish to opt in to the insurance plan, please contact your student association.

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