Income tax slips for students


Print your form through uoZone, under the Finances and jobs tab. The form is available at the beginning of January. You don't have to include this form with your income tax—you submit it only if the government asks for it later on.

Remember that the T2202A isn't an official receipt, but rather a confirmation of the deductible fees for a given fiscal year. Only the fees you have actually paid or have covered in a formal financial agreement (for example, a promissory note) appear on your T2202A.

For more information on your income tax return, visit the Canada Revenue Agency website.



You receive a T4A slip if you received awards, scholarships or bursaries from the University of Ottawa during the fiscal year (even if the funds come from other agencies or organizations). The slips are available on uoZone at the end of February.

For more information, visit the Canada Revenue Agency website.

If you are a student who is also an employee of the University and you received a salary in 2016, please remember to go to your University of Ottawa employee email for details about your T4/T4A.



RL-8 slip (Relevé 8) (Quebec residents)

RL-8 slips are issued by the Ministère du Revenu du Québec and is intended for Quebec residents. Print your slip through uoZone, under the Finances and jobs tab. RL-8 slips are available at the beginning of January.

A credit for full-time post-secondary studies is calculated based on the number of sessions that the student started and completed during the year. The amount is to be claimed by the person claiming the student as a dependant (generally the student's father or mother). This amount is not tuition fees.


You can claim a portion of the cost of your transit pass on your Income Tax Return. Print your slip through uoZone, under the Finances and jobs tab.

Additional information

Employer Identification Number (EIN) (required by the United States)

The Employer Identification Number of the University of Ottawa is 98-0654654.

Also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number (FTIN), this number must be provided by American students, who must submit information on the amounts they receive from abroad in their tax return.

The University does not provide tax advice. Whether or not you can take advantage of these tax credits depends on your personal circumstances. For more information on income tax, visit the Canada Revenue Agency website.

For questions about your income tax slips, contact InfoService by email at, by phone at 613-562- 5630 or in person at 75 Laurier Avenue East.

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