For parents

As a parent, you want what’s best for your child. You can also be there to provide direction and support when it comes time to make important decisions about university to ensure your child succeeds. 

This page is just for you, as a parent, to help you understand the ins and outs of one very important-the financial aspect of getting a university education.

Important: Please note that any payment made towards a student account will be considered the student’s property. The University does not reimburse third parties.

Accessing information in your child's file

Students are generally considered adults in the eyes of Canadian laws. This means that in addition to having legal responsibilities, your child has legal rights as well. The University of Ottawa is required to protect the personal information of all its students. Only students have access to the information in their file, unless they have given express consent for a third party to access this information.

Can I get an e-bill?

Students can get the balance of their account online by viewing their statement of account in uoZone, under the Applications tab in the top menu, select Student Center. A PDF version of their statement can be downloaded and printed.

The University of Ottawa does not produce invoices. You must refer to the statement of account which is updated on a daily basis.

How much does it cost for one year of university?

The cost can vary depending on the whether the student is attending full time or part time, studying at the undergraduate or graduate level and depends on the program and the student’s legal status in Canada (i.e., citizen or permanent resident vs. foreign student). For specific costs and more information, please visit the tuition fees section of the University’s website.

For information on the cost of on-campus housing, visit the residence fees section of the University’s website.

When are tuition fees due?

Tuition fees become due once a student’s course selection has been approved and must be paid by the date indicated under important dates and deadlines.

What payment methods does the University accept?

The University of Ottawa accepts payment online through financial institutions-a practical and simple way to pay university fees. When making a payment, select University of Ottawa as the payee and use the student number as the account number. 

Payments appear on the student's statement within three banking days.



When paying for housing fees online, select University of Ottawa Housing as the payee and use the student number as the account number. Be sure to use University of Ottawa as the payee for all other payments (including tuition fees).

For more information, visit the methods of payment section of the University’s site.

What are the different options for paying?

Our payment options are now more flexible than ever. Below is the complete list of options available to pay University of Ottawa fees. For more information on each of the options, visit the payment plans section of the University’s website. Please review the information carefully as restrictions or eligibility criteria may apply.

  1. Pay the full amount for the Fall and Winter terms (full academic year)
  2. Pay for one term at a time
  3. Request a grace period (for students receiving financial aid)
  4. Request a promise-to-pay arrangement (one term at a time)
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