Redirection of OSAP funding

NEWOSAP payments will be directly applied to your university fees

Beginning in the fall of 2018, your OSAP funds will be transferred directly to the University of Ottawa to pay your University fees. This process is called “redirection”. The Ontario Ministry of Advanced Education and Skill Development (MASED) will send all or part of your OSAP funds directly to the University to pay your university fees on your behalf.

If your OSAP payment does not fully cover your University fees, you must pay the difference by the due date listed in the Important academic dates and deadlines (this date may be different if you qualify for the grace period). For information on how to pay the balance of your fees, please see Methods of payment

The amount will be displayed in your Student Account. To view this information, log into uoZone. Under Applications, click Statement of Account. Then click on the OSAP net billing tab. Note that this function will only be available in late July 2018.

If there are any OSAP funds remaining after your fees have been paid, the remaining funds will be deposited into your bank account.

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