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To submit your request, go to Applications in uoZone and select Refund Request.

Important: Don't forget to change your mailing address if necessary. You can change your address on uoZone under Applications.

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Important information about refunds

1. You must withdraw from your courses by the date indicated in Important dates and deadlines. If you do not withdraw by the deadline, you forfeit your right to receive a financial credit.

Note: Dropping courses may affect any financial aid or scholarships you receive. Financial Resources informs the Financial Aid and Awards office if your course load changes, and your funding may subsequently be affected. To find out whether this is the case for your financial aid or scholarships, visit the Financial Aid and Awards website or office.

If you have received OSAP and following the cancellation of your registration you have a financial credit on your student account, please note that the refund will be fully or partially refunded to the National Student Loan Center to reimburse OSAP.

Any remaining credit balance will then be refunded to you.

2. A credit is automatically applied first to any amount you owe to the University. Any remaining credit amount can be refunded to you.

If you have received a refund and your bursary is canceled at a later date, you must reimburse the University. Your student account will be amended to reflect this change. If you fail to reimburse the University, your account will be subject to the rules governing overdue accounts.

3. Fees apply for requesting a refund.

If a change in your course selection generates a credit on your account and you request a refund, a $25 administrative charge is deducted from your refund, as indicated in the University’s administrative fees schedule. The course change or withdrawal must be registered in your student file by the deadline for course changes or withdrawal indicated in Important dates and deadlines. No administrative fee applies for refund requests related to scholarships.

4. Refunds of residence fees are subject to the terms of your residence contract.

Dropping courses or withdrawing from the University doesn’t automatically cancel your residence reservation or your residence contract. For more information on housing, please visit the Housing Service website.

5. Refunds for meal plan fees are subject to the uOttawa Card Service terms.

The uOttawa Card Service only issues refunds when it receives your complete documentation.  You do not automatically receive a refund just by withdrawing from courses or leaving the University. For more information, see the uOttawa Card Service terms and conditions.

If you paid for your meal plan along with your residence fees, your refund will be credited to your student account.  If you paid for it in person or online, you will be done by cheque.

6. Processing times

  • Assessment of the request: Approximately 10 business days;

  • Processing: You will receive an email from Interac within 24-48h following the assessment;

  • During peak periods, processing times may be longer.

7. Notes:

  1. The University does not reimburse third parties and will issue a refund only to students (except for sponsored students).
  2. Reimbursement from a payment coming from abroad will be refunded to the student abroad.  

  3. Dropping a course does not necessarily generate a credit on your student account. The drop date, a change in the student classification and other factors are taken into account.

Rules governing fees and refunds

The Board of Governors reserves the right to change its fee and its refund rules without prior notice. Review the Rules Governing University Fees for more information. 

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