Sponsored Students

External Sponsorship

When students enrolled in a program at the University of Ottawa are sponsored and their university fees are paid by an external organization (employer, non-government organization, government, etc.), they must notify the University at least one month before classes start.

Sponsoring organizations must fill out the billing authorization form so that the University of Ottawa can bill them directly for the student’s tuition and other fees. 

This form must be sent by email to finance@uOttawa.ca, by fax to 613-562-5988 or by regular mail to the following address.

University of Ottawa
Student Accounts, Financial Resources
550 Cumberland Street, Room 021
Ottawa ON  K1N 6N5

For more information about university fees, please visit the Office of the Registrar website.

When we receive the form, we check the student’s eligibility and the conditions of the agreement.

Invoices are sent directly to the sponsor throughout the term of the contract and according to the agreement with the sponsor.

When the sponsorship agreement expires, the student is responsible for discussing the renewal of the agreement with his or her sponsor, if applicable.

Information for students

As a sponsored student, you must ensure that the billing authorization form is sent to the University of Ottawa (Student Accounts section) at least one month prior to the academic fees payment deadline so the university can arrange to bill the sponsor organization and so that you avoid late payment penalties and your account being frozen.

Your fees must be paid within the established timelines. Therefore, you must check your student account regularly through uoZone to ensure that your sponsor has paid your university fees. If they have not been paid, contact your sponsor.  

You must contact your sponsor to find out the conditions and term of the agreement. You are responsible for fees that are not covered by your sponsor. Any unpaid balance is your responsibility.  You may be charged late fees and interest if you do not pay your balance.

You are also responsible for registering before the deadlines.  Late registration fees are billed directly to your sponsor organization. For more information, see the Important dates and deadlines page.

In keeping with the University of Ottawa’s confidentiality policy, if you want us to disclose information about your financial account, your program of study and your courses to your sponsor, you must provide written authorization by completing a  Third-Party Authorization Form to Release Student Information and sending it to the Student Accounts.

If you are a member of a medical or dental plan similar to the University of Ottawa plans, you can opt out of the university plan through your uoZone account by September 30.

If you are a foreign student, membership in the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) is mandatory. If you are covered by an insurance plan other than the university plan, you must submit proof of insurance to the International Office of the University of Ottawa. Otherwise, you are required to pay the university insurance premiums.

When your sponsorship agreement expires, you are responsible for paying your university fees, not your sponsor. If you must register for further terms, you must ask your sponsor organization to renew the sponsorship agreement.

If you must submit a transcript to renew the sponsorship agreement, you can request one from InfoService. However, if you have an unpaid balance and your account is frozen, you must contact your sponsor to settle your account first.

Information for sponsoring organizations

As a sponsoring organization, you must fill out the billing authorization form confirming that you are taking responsibility for the sponsored student’s university fees. 

You must make payments based on the invoices issued to you by the university. Due to the agreement conditions, the student’s statement of account might sometimes differ from the one sent to you. If changes are made to the invoice during the term because the student drops or adds a course, you will receive a revised invoice.

It is important to meet the invoice deadlines. During the term, students receive email messages if there is a balance due on their account. An overdue account may prevent the student from registering for other courses or obtaining official documents from the University of Ottawa. In such cases, a Student Accounts financial officer may give you a courtesy call to inform you of the situation. If the amount due is not paid, the university reserves the right to cancel the agreement at its discretion. The student must then pay the amount due immediately. Late fees and interest may apply.

For payments sent by mail, please attache a statement of account or invoice. If you pay your bills online or by telebanking through your Canadian financial institution, please always include the student number, which is the account or reference number.

To make a payment to the University of Ottawa from a foreign country, you must make a bank transfer through Western Union Business Solutions.


For more information on methods of payment for sponsored students’ university fees, please see the Methods of payment web page.

Payments received in American dollars are converted at the exchange rate on the day of receipt. Overpayments or underpayments resulting from the conversion are applied to the student’s account.

We treat payments received from an organization for a student without billing authorization form filled out as payments received from a third party, not a sponsor. Late fees and interest applied after the published payment deadlines are not cancelled and become the student’s responsibility.


If a student withdraws from a program or drops a course, or takes any other action that results in a credit to his or her account, the university examines the case and refunds the overpayment to the sponsor, if applicable.

We refund any overpayment or credit resulting from a change to the student’s courses to the sponsor.

For payments received by international bank transfer, we return the overpayment to the bank from which the initial payment came.

Find out more about requesting refunds and the Appeals Committee.

Internal Sponsorship

Related to Policy 112 (Awards and Assistantships)

When a University of Ottawa faculty, school or service pays a student's tuition fees, it must be paid as a bursary and applied to the student's account. The faculty, school or service must:

  • (For undergraduate students) Advise Guylaine Renaud at Financial Aid and Awards Service by email (grenaud@uOttawa.ca)
  • (For graduate students) Advise the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies by email (grad.awards@uOttawa.ca)

NOTE: Be sure to include all pertinent information about the student in question. The student will receive a T4A for the amount of the bursary.

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