Current exhibitions

Witch, Who Are You?

On-site and virtual exhibition

This exhibit explores historical narratives relating to women and witchcraft. Highlighted by material from the Archives and Special Collections, this history spans rare books to recently digitalized audio recordings, from the 15th to 21st centuries.  

Witch: who are you?

Women & Politics : Political Activism for Gender Equality, 1960-2000

Using multimedia archives from the University of Ottawa Archives and Special Collections, this exhibit highlights just a few of women's many individual and collective political acts of courage and organizing that took place in the latter half of the 20th century in Canada. From the radical tactics of the abortion caravan to ad hoc organizing for gender equality in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the exhibit touches on political acts that improved women's status, also highlighting relevant contemporary legislation and legal cases through feminist documentary heritage.

Women & Politics

Our Bodies, Our Stories 

On-site and virtual exhibition

Reproductive justice is about having complete control over the decisions we make about our reproductive and sexual well-being, and it is foundational to gender equality. Using select records and items from the late 1960s to the early 1990s held at the University of Ottawa’s Archives and Special Collections, this exhibit offers an introduction to select topics in the evolving history of reproductive justice in Canada.

Demonstration for women's rights

Women at Work

On-site and virtual exhibition

Celebrating a history of women at work, this exhibit features samples of rare books and archival documents from the Archives and Special Collections. Together they testify women’s resilience across the centuries in labouring at both paid and under-valued work, and at breaking with traditional concepts of gendered occupations.

Women at work

The Pro-Choice Movement In Canada

On-site and virtual exhibition

This exhibit invites you to contemplate Canadian pro-choice protesters’ use of militant direct action and civil disobedience since May 1970. Using material from the Canadian Women’s Movement collection, the exhibit narrates the struggle for safe and legal abortion in Canada, including documents and photographs related to major players such as the Vancouver Women’s Caucus, the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League, and Dr. Henry Morgentaler. 

The Pro-Choice Movement In Canada

The Forgotten Struggle : Feminist Perspective on Aging

Virtual exhibition

From the mid-1970s, as female concern about aging grew, activists of all ages began to speak up and take action. Meet the women who fought age- and gender- based discrimination within this virtual exploration from the University of Ottawa’s women’s archives.

Image Old woman with kids

Montreal Health Press' First Birth Control Handbooks

Virtual exhibition

This exhibit provides a snapshot of the late 1960s' socio-political contexts that led a handful of McGill University students to illegally publish and disseminate millions of copies of handbooks on contraception. The exhibit follows the students' subsequent founding of the Montreal Health Press collective.

Women sitting inside the Montreal health press.

Women's Archives. Explore our collections!

Virtual exhibition

This exhibit invites you to discover key events in the Canadian women's movement, from 1960-2000, using archival documents from the University of Ottawa Archives and Special Collections.

Various buttons in regards to women's movement.

Drafting equality: Women and the Constitution

Virtual exhibition

This virtual exhibit examines how women, both individually and collectively, came to the forefront during Canada’s patriation of the Constitution to enshrine one facet of citizen rights within the national Charter document.

Button "Women and the constitution, February 14, 1981".
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