Participants of Acfas at the University place
We are proud to have hosted the 91st edition of the ACFAS Annual Conference under the theme of knowledge mobilization in French. From May 13 to 17, 2024, over 6,000 delegates from some thirty countries gathered in person and online to experience the vibrant world of French-language research.

Conference round-up

VIPs at the ACFAS conference
From left to right: Martine Lagacé, Pascale Déry, Martin Maltais, Sophie Montreuil, Pierre Fitzgibbon, Roda Muse, Stéphane Brutus, Mona Nemer, Michelle O'Bonsawin, Jacques Frémont, Mona Fortier, Cecile Ondoa Abeng and Frank Marchetti.

The conference offered reflections on the context of research in French, addressing the future of universities, the evaluation of research excellence, French-language scientific publications, science diplomacy and the place of francophone women in the scientific community.

The symposiums and online presentations sparked enriching discussions, exploring fields such as artificial intelligence, nutrition, francophone minority communities, health, gender issues, pedagogical innovations, migration dynamics and the environmental challenges of Indigenous education.

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Thank you to our volunteers

We would like to thank the more than 250 volunteers who helped the University of Ottawa make the 91st ACFAS Conference a huge success. Thanks to your hard work, dedication and energy, many thousands of delegates will remember their visit with us!   

uOttawa volunteers during the ACFAS conference

Psychiatrie légale : Une conversation avec l’honorable Michelle O’Bonsawin

Martine Lagacé and Michelle O'Bonsawin

An enlightening conversation with Martine Lagacé, Associate Vice-President, Research Promotion and Development, and the Honourable Michelle O’Bonsawin, Supreme Court Justice of Canada and Honorary President of the 91st ACFAS Conference. She discussed her career path, her passion for mental health research and the state of forensic psychiatry in Canada.

Michelle O’Bonsawin

“The Francophonie is close to my heart. And if I'm given a platform to talk about mental health, I commit without hesitation!”

The Honourable Michelle O’Bonsawin, Supreme Court Justice of Canada

Petit déjeuner de la francophonie canadienne

As part of an enriching opportunity to meet and network, the breakfast provided a vibrant platform to discuss the week’s symposiums. Participants passionately explored the issues facing Francophone minority communities and, more broadly, the invaluable contribution of research to the development of the Canadian Francophonie.

Knowledge Mobilization
Two speakers at a podium during the breakfast
Knowledge Mobilization

Mobilizing to ensure the future of French-language research

This conference at the University of Ottawa was an ideal venue for addressing challenges in French-language science.
Excellence Award
Sylvain Charbonneau and Lucie Hotte
Excellence Award

Lucie Hotte receives the Award for Research Excellence in Francophonie

During the breakfast, Lucie Hotte was honoured for her pioneering work in the promotion and study of francophone minority cultures in Canada.
Research Chair
Megan Cotnam-Kappel at the breakfast event
Research Chair

New research chair to explore digital thriving in Franco-Ontarian communities

Professor Megan Cotnam-Kappel, an expert in education in minority language contexts, takes this opportunity to engage her peers.

Femmes et francophones dans l’environnement scientifique

Four women panelists on stage

A round table discussion moderated by Virginie Hotte-Dupuis of the L'Oréal Foundation, bringing together four francophone women scientists from different disciplines. With varying research interests, training experiences and career stages, the panelists descibed the challenges and opportunities they had as women and francophones, two minority groups in the scientific field.    

Highlights from the conversation included the challenges of working in a minority language setting, both nationally and internationally, administrative overload, managing emotions in heated scientific debates, and balancing work and family life.

Musique et mieux-être 

An evening of scientific discovery and musical enjoyment. Participants took the opportunity to learn about musical education for the hearing impaired, as well as the health effects of singing, music and movement.

Kids dancing on a stage

Des bulles pour ma santé

Imagined by Professor Sylvie Grosjean, International Francophonie Research Chair on Digital Health Technologies, this workshop explored the future of virtual care in French and the role of digital technologies. Featuring comics, interactive mural displays, and participatory chats, the event provided both enrichment and entertainment.

Group discussion during the event

Les haut-parleuses

On a very pleasant Sunday, basking in the sweet smell of tulips, groups of women researchers shared their knowledge with a science-curious public. Topics ranged from mechanical engineering in the circus arts, to meteorology, astrophysics, whale ecology, mental health and much more.

Kiosk at the Haut-parleuses event at Major's Hill Park