Since 2019, the Collège des chaires de recherche sur le monde francophone has helped build up, enhance and strengthen all aspects of the Francophonie in order to widen its scope and fields of research.

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Message from the director

On June 1, 2023, Professor Jonathan Paquette took over as Director of the Collège des chaires de recherche sur le monde francophone. Jonathan Paquette teaches in the public administration programs of the École d'études politiques. He holds the Chaire de recherche en francophonie internationale sur les politiques du patrimoine culturel, which aims to contribute to a better understanding of the institutional changes and ethical challenges facing professionals working in cultural organizations in French-speaking countries.

At the helm of the Collège, Professor Paquette intends to continue the development begun by his predecessor, building on his mission to promote and disseminate knowledge in French within the University, but also throughout the Canadian and international Francophonie. He intends to make the Collège a meeting place for chairholders and young francophone researchers alike.

Professeur Jonathan Paquette

“With a dynamic team committed to promoting French-language science, the Collège des Chaires is optimistic about its mission.”

Professor Jonathan Paquette

— Director of the Collège des chaires de recherche sur le monde francophone

CCRMF director

The director’s role is to call upon researchers within the network of Francophone chairholders and others who work on the Francophonie here and elsewhere. The director also strives to make the CCRMF a dynamic force within the University, and together with the chairholders, to actively foster the excellence of Francophone research and the dissemination of scholarship in French. CCRMF leadership is also involved in several University projects and committees; it defends the need for research in French and promotes its development wherever and whenever possible.

In June 2023, the University of Ottawa appointed Professor Jonathan Paquette as director of the CCRMF. As a professor at the School of Sociological and Anthropological Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences and a chairholder himself, Professor Paquette is responsible for overseeing the development of synergies between the researchers in this network and other researchers studying the French-speaking world.

Administrative team

Since 2020, the CCRMF has strengthened its administrative team with the addition of a coordinator. In this role, Éric Chevaucherie handles the day-to-day activities of the CCRMF and its affiliated chairs. This includes coordinating events and communications, providing support for strategic writing, coordinating and implementing fundraising and development activities, and managing operations.

Chairholders and their graduate students are able to work together at the CCRMF offices, located on the 15th floor of the Faculty of Social Sciences building. These offices, which are also used by holders of the Francophone Mobility chair, encourage interdisciplinarity in studies on the French-speaking world.

Building of the Faculty of Social Sciences

CCRMF partners

The CCRMF and the research chairs are funded by the Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation and are also supported by the Office of the Vice-President, International and Francophonie.

The CCRMF works in collaboration with the Centre for Research on Canadian Francophonies (CRCCF) (Website in French only), the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Citizenship and Minorities (CIRCEM) and the Centre on Governance (COG). The Observatory on education in minority language contexts is an initiative directed by Professor Nathalie Bélanger of the Faculty of Education. The goal of the Observatory is to mobilize knowledge and share emerging research with teachers to improve educational practices in schools.

The CCRMF collaborates with many organizations that share the same interests in and concerns for the Francophonie, scholarship in French, and the development of Francophone cultures and societies. These include the Canadian Institute for Research on Linguistic Minorities, Acfas and the Chaire pour le développement de la recherche sur la culture d’expression française en Amérique du Nord (CEFAN) (Website in French only).

The CCRMF extends its international commitment to science in French by establishing collaborations and carrying out projects with the Agence universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF), the Réseau International des Chaires Senghor de la Francophonie (RICSF, in French) and the Institut international pour la Francophonie (2iF, in French).