The Collège des Chaires de recherche sur le monde francophone (CCRMF) and its chairholders conduct research and knowledge mobilization activities. The chairholders work to deepen knowledge about the Francophonie and generate valuable data for Francophone communities in Ontario, across Canada, and in many other countries. Their work includes productive collaborations among chairholders and with many organizations within the Francophonie.

Research projects involving multiple chairholders

Interdisciplinarity is a cornerstone of the CCRMF’s research and knowledge mobilization activities.

COVID-19 and research on the Francophonie

In the fall of 2020, the chairholders began reflecting on the many issues in their research on the Francophonie that had arisen during the pandemic. This collective reflection resulted in a series of five lectures, “COVID-19 et recherches en francophonie” [COVID-19 and Francophonie research], which brought together many French-speaking partners, colleagues, and researchers, and drew more than 300 attendees. In addition to organizing the lecture series, eight chairholders participated as speakers.

FSS pavilion
Mar 28

Renewal of epistemologies and methodologies in minority studies

Attend a conference on societal changes and the renewal of minority studies paradigms with Professor André Magord from the University of Poitiers.

Past events

Dec 6

Au service d’un musée et d’une communauté : Madeleine Meilleur et le Muséoparc Vanier

Chat with Madeleine Meilleur, Executive Director, Vanier Museopark at Ottawa.

Feb 21

The End of Religious Culture: Chronicle of a Disappearance

A round table discussion on the book by Mireille Estivalèzes, Associate Professor, Université de Montréal