The FCV Core Facility currently houses the following instruments: BD LSRFortessa SORP, BD Celesta, Beckman Coulter MoFlo Astrios, and an AutoMACS Pro Magnetic Cell Separator (located at OHRI).

Instrument specifications


488nm (Blue) solid state
561nm (Yellow-Green) solid state
405nm (Violet) solid state

Sample loading options

  • High-Throughput Sampler for 96-well and 384-well plates
  • 12x75mm 5ml polystyrene tubes (Falcon 352052)
Celesta Configuration: 3 Lasers – 12 colours
Celesta Configuration: 3 Lasers – 12 colours


405nm780/60: BV786, QDot800710/50:BV711, QDot705670/30: BV650, QDot655610/20: BV605, QDot605525/50: BV510, V500, QDot525

450/40: Pacific Blue,

488nm695/40: PerCP-Cy5.5530/30: FITC, eGFP, BB515, AF488SSCN/AN/AN/A
561nm780/60: PE-Cy7670/30: PE-Cy5610/20: mCherry, PE-CF594586/15: PE, Ds-Red, PIN/AN/A