The FCV Core Facility currently houses the following instruments: BD LSRFortessa SORP, BD Celesta, Beckman Coulter MoFlo Astrios, and an AutoMACS Pro Magnetic Cell Separator (located at OHRI).

Instrument specifications


  • 80mW 405 nm (Violet)
  • 50mW 488 nm (Blue)
  • 30mW 561 nm (Yellow-Green)
  • 50mW 640 nm (Red)

Sample loading options

  • 12x75mm (5 ml) FACS tubes, 1.5 ml Eppendorf, 0.5ml Eppendorf, 15 ml conical

Sort collection options

  • Two-way sorting: 15 ml conical or 12x75 mm (5 ml) FACS tubes (polypropylene)
  • Single population or single-cell: 96 well,

Sort options

  • 100 um microfluidics chip (default)
  • 70 um microfluidics chip
SH800 cell sorter