Ontario Learn and Stay grant

The Ontario government has put in place a new grant program starting in the fall of 2023 that covers full tuition costs as well as any other direct educational cost for Science in Nursing students.


In addition to benefiting from free tuition, Learn and Stay grant recipients have the opportunity to become involved in the community and make a positive contribution by helping to fill the labour market needs in the field of nursing.

To be eligible for this grant, students must:

  • successfully apply to and enrol in the first year of a Science in Nursing program
  • be an Ontario resident who is a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or protected person
  • commit to work in the region where they studied when they graduate

Eligible programs 

Grant requirements

If students do not fulfill their service commitment, their funding will be converted to a repayable loan. Students must re-apply for the grant each year and re-confirm their commitment to staying and working in the region after they graduate.

Application details

Students who apply for the grant in the spring 2023 and who are accepted and enrolled in an eligible program starting in fall 2023, will receive their funding around the start of their school year.

The deadline to apply is 60 days before the end of their study period, meaning that students can still apply for the grant after they’ve started their program.