Six masked individuals standing side by side. Four of them are holding beaded belts meant to signify a mutual understanding and respect.

Indigenous Affairs

The Office of Indigenous Affairs is responsible for developing the Indigenous Action Plan, which outlines the University of Ottawa’s Indigenization goals in four key areas, and is enshrined in uOttawa’s Transformation 2030 Strategic Plan.

The Office of Indigenous Affairs was established in response to consultations with Indigenous students, staff and faculty at the University of Ottawa, as well as with the larger Indigenous community located in (or in proximity to) the National Capital Region. It manages the Indigenous portfolio, which includes student support services and programming, policy and procedural developments, and implementation of the Indigenous Action Plan.

The Office of Indigenous Affairs prides itself on working closely with local Indigenous internal and external stakeholders, including the Algonquin Anishinàbeg Nation Tribal Council, Algonquin Secretariat, Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation and Indigenous Education Council, members of representative First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities, as well as undergraduate and graduate student representatives.

Knowledge keepers and leadership from the Indigenous community were consulted and involved throughout the creation of the Indigenous Action Plan and were integral in its development. The process took nearly two years but this approach ensured that a multitude of Indigenous voices, knowledges and perspectives are included in the University’s future development.

The Indigenous Action Plan serves as the guiding principle for all efforts to provide guidance and expertise on uOttawa services, supports and policies that affect Indigenous students, staff and faculty. To fulfil this mission, the Office of Indigenous Affairs works with faculties and departments to support the incorporation of Indigenous knowledges and methodologies in teaching and research. It assists with Indigenization efforts and raising awareness about Indigenous peoples and matters at the University of Ottawa. It supports the recruitment and retention of Indigenous students as they pursue their educational goals across the campus. Combined, this work contributes to building a culturally sensitive and welcoming climate on campus.

For more information on the impact, responsibilities, timelines and details for each of the four areas of the Indigenous Action Plan, as well as follow-up actions, timelines and who is responsible, see the full plan.

The Office of Indigenous Affairs is led by the director of Indigenous Affairs. The director works collaboratively with the academic delegate on Indigenous engagement, a role which serves as a direct link to the Office of the Provost and Vice-President, Academic Affairs. The staff of the Mashkawazìwogamig Indigenous Resource Centre report to the director of Indigenous affairs.