The Vice-President Academic and Provost holds an outstanding position within the University, which makes him the highest ranking officer after the President. Amongst his numerous responsibilities, he is in charge of accomplishing, in collaboration with the faculties' deans, the following functions:

  • set the University's broad academic directions;
  • design and regularly evaluate programs;
  • recruit and retain professors;
  • establish student-recruitment strategies.

All sectors that play a strategic role in the University's Francophone mission are his responsibility. The Vice-President is committed, like the University, to promote Francophone communities. He is the co-chair of the Standing Committee on Francophone Affairs and Official Languages.

The ten faculties, their schools, departments and programs, and the library network are overseen by the Vice-President. The same applies to the following academic units and services designed to help students make the most of their university experience or to guide professors in their academic pursuits:

The masculine is used without discrimination and only to alleviate the text on this site.

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