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Experiential learning

There are a number of opportunities outside the classroom where you can learn by doing. It’s what we call experiential learning. Whether you do so within the University community or by taking part in extracurricular activities, experiential learning is a great opportunity for you to gain knowledge and develops skills and competencies that will help you make the transition into the workplace.

Our vision

We envision a university where experiential learning is a core component of our students' education and growth. Through meaningful and diverse learning opportunities, the bridge between theory and practice is reinforced and every student's experience is enriched. Along with our community, industry and government partners, we strive to create a holistic learning environment which stimulates academic enquiry, supports civic engagement, and provides students with knowledge and skills forged in a real-world setting.

Our criteria

According to the Ministry of Advanced Learning and Skills Development, in order to be considered experiential learning, an activity must meet certain criteria:

  • The student is in a workplace or simulated workplace.
  • The student is exposed to authentic demands that improve their job-ready skills, interpersonal skills, and transition to the workforce.
  • The experience is structured with purposeful and meaningful activities.
  • The student applies program knowledge or essential employability skills.
  • The experience includes student self-assessment and an evaluation of the student’s performance and the learning outcomes established by the employer or university.
  • The experience counts towards course credits or completion of credentials or is formally recognized by the university as meeting the criteria above.
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Take advantage of all the opportunities available to you!

Enhance your academic experience while enriching your skills outside the classroom. Whether it's a practical component in your course, a volunteering placement, a research project or an international adventure, discover how you can get a more hands-on experience.
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