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Jules Carrière, garden background

“I want to contribute to the University of Ottawa's culture of excellence, increase the commitment of its faculty and build strong relationships with its partners.”

Jules Carrière

— Vice-Provost, Faculty Relations

About the Vice-Provost


The Vice-Provost, Faculty Relations is responsible for faculty recruitment and retention. His office provides a variety of tools for faculty development and recognizes excellent work and success through numerous awards and competitions.  His team is also responsible for advising union members on labour relations and takes part in negotiations for the renewal of collective agreements.


Jules Carrière holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Relations from the University of Montreal. He has held the position of Vice-Provost, Faculty Relations since 2013.

Professor Carrière has considerable leadership experience in academia, including as President of the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada. He joined the Telfer School of Management in 1996 where he is now an Associate Professor. His research focuses on Human Resource Management, Labour Relations and Organizational Behaviour.

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