About the Institute

The University of Ottawa Brain and Mind Research Institute (uOBMRI) is Ottawa’s largest collection of basic researchers and clinician scientists that are focused on brain and mind related health. The uOBMRI helps orchestrate research in a collaborative and innovative fashion by overcoming the barriers that exist between research at the basic and clinical levels. It does so by helping to coordinate research efforts of its research members at the various uOttawa faculties, resident hospitals, affiliated networks and local research institutes. The uOBMRI supports its members by enhancing the research environment, facilitating access to resources and expanding programs in order to attract the best candidates. We are working together to promote awareness and education of brain and mind related health in the community.

Our Vision

To create one of the world’s top neuroscience centres for the treatment of brain disorders.

Our Mission

To develop new therapies for neurological and psychiatric disorders by harnessing the brain’s internal potential for regeneration, protection and recovery.

To implement fundamental changes in patient care by offering more integrated, personalized treatment plans based on findings from our research.

Our Focus


The uOBMRI will connect scientists, physicians and the community to tackle the challenges of brain disorders. These collaborations will generate energy and excitement on what we can achieve together. The uOBMRI links research discoveries to health care delivery for immediate impact.

We will focus our efforts on Parkinson’s disease, stroke, mental health, neuromuscular disease, memory loss and concussion injury related research. 

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