Branding Guidelines

Branding Guidelines:

The page provides an overview of the University of Ottawa Brain and Mind Research Institute (uOBMRI)’s visual identity standards. Correctly using the uOBMRI’s brand elements in all communications allows us to promote a distinctive and uniform identity to all of our audiences.

If you have further questions, please email us at


uOBMRI Logo Usage:

The uOBMRI logo is available in Grey/Garnet (Colour), white and black. As much as possible, please try to use the colour logo; in cases where legibility may be compromised or higher contrast is required, you may use the black version or the white version of the logo. In order to preserve the integrity of the uOBMRI brand, the logo may only be used in Grey/Garnet (Colour), white or black. No alternate colours or modifications are permitted.

Official uOBMRI Horizontal Colour Logo:

uOBMRI logo


For the colour palettes of our logos, please click here. 


uOBMRI Affiliation and Acknowledgement Usage: 

As a member of the uOBMRI you must acknowledge uOBMRI in published works, presentations and press releases.

When making reference to the uOBMRI, please try as much as possible use the full title of the institute: “University of Ottawa Brain and Mind Research Institute” or “uOttawa Brain and Mind Research Institute”

The abbreviation for the University of Ottawa Brain and Mind Research Institute is “uOBMRI”

In a body of text, please state the full title upon your first reference with the abbreviation in parenthesis, after which you may use the abbreviation in the remainder of your text. If you are only making reference to the uOBMRI once, please use the full title.

You may include the institute’s name in your signature and position title; please use the full title of the institute


uOBMRI Communications Template:

uOBMRI PowerPoint Presentation Template:

As a uOBMRI member, you can download the uOBMRI PowerPoint Template to use in your presentations. If interested, please contact

uOBMRI Letterhead Template:

Please contact if you wish to obtain a version of the uOBMRI Letterhead Template.

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