Dr. André Beauchemin

Beauchemin’s research focuses on the synthesis of biologically active nitrogen-containing molecules, ideally using cheap, broadly available reagents and catalysts. Research themes include new C-N bond forming reactions (15% of the reactions performed in pharma form C-N bonds) using unreactive substrates (e.g. alkenes) and the development of cascade reactions (to rapidly generate molecular complexity), and strategies include the use of bifunctional reagents (to enable concerted reactions) and catalysis exploiting temporary intramolecularity (to achieve difficult reactions, with applications ranging from pharmaceuticals to “origin of life” chemistry). Our team uses all techniques relevant to synthetic organic chemistry to conduct, analyze and purify chemical reactions, and uses resources that can help our efforts including DFT calculations, high throughput screening, in-situ reaction monitoring.


The Beauchemin lab supervises students from graduate programs in Chemistry, but has research interests at the interface of chemical engineering and biochemistry.

Lab website: http://www.beauchemingroupuottawa.com

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