Internal funding opportunity - “PDF for Hire”

Centre for Catalysis Research Innovation (CCRI) Collaborative Research Award for Medicinal Chemistry - “PDF for Hire”

Applications are invited from a partnership of two PIs:

  • One from the Faculty of Science and member of the CCRI (FoS), Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
  • And one affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine (FoM).

Applicants with the need for skilled a synthetic chemist to deconvolve initial ‘hit’ compounds into bona fide ‘leads’ can apply to host a designated CCRI post-doctoral fellow (PDF) trained in medicinal chemistry for up to six months (full stipend of PDF is part of the award) and can apply for up $7,500 in associated consumables.The award covers the full salary of the PDF (hired and provided to the partnering labs by the CCRI) and can cover consumables (up to $7,500 per project). It is expected that one CCRI PDF (a medicinal chemist), guided by faculty members from the Department of Chemistry, can balance two projects from two different PIs in Medicine.Thus there will be two awards every 6 months. Once the projects have reached the 6-month point, the PDF would then be paired with two new PIs from Medicine and their partners in Chemistry to start two new medicinal chemistry projects.

Applications for the Summer/Fall 2018 (start date July 1st 2018) competition are due June 1st 2018. Award announcements will be made June 15th 2018.  

Full details can be found here: ccri pdf award (PDF, 86 KB).