Dr. Eva Hemmer

The Materials Chemistry & Nanophotonics Lab focus on the development of novel lanthanide-based nanophosphors as multifunctional nanocarriers for near-infrared based bioimaging and energy conversion applications. Combining materials science, chemistry, physics and biological aspects, the three main areas of research are (i) the bottom-up synthesis of lanthanide-based nanophosphors with optimized near-infrared and upconversion emission, controlled size, crystalline phase and morphology as well as application-oriented surface modification, (ii) the implementation of the nanophosphors in biological systems and the assessment of nano-bio-interactions, as well as (iii) the design of novel optical materials for energy harvesting technologies.


The Hemmer lab supervises students from undergraduate programs in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biomedical Sciences, and Applied Science Chemical Engineering (Biotechnology). Graduate Students from these programs – as well as from fields related to Physics and Engineering – are welcome to apply to join the multidisciplinary team.

Lab website: www.hemmerlab.com



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