Dr. Morgan Fullerton

The Fullerton laboratory is interested in understanding numerous aspects ofimmunometabolism, the complex interplay between metabolism and immunity. Our research aims to uncover the underlying mechanisms by which important pathways are altered in chronic diseases such as insulin resistance (which leads to type 2 diabetes) and atherosclerosis (which leads to heart disease). We use genetically engineered (knock-out and knock-in) mice, that have targeted changes to specific metabolic and/or immune pathways, in combination with molecular, biochemical and cellular biology techniques to investigate changes in whole-body physiology. Our aim is to better understand how these pathways function, in normal and diseased conditions, so to potentially develop novel strategies to prevent and treat chronic metabolic diseases.

The Fullerton lab supervises students from the Biochemistry, as well as Microbiology and Immunology graduate programs.

Lab website: www.fullertonlab.com

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