Dr. Seán Barry

The Barry Lab does research in chemical precursor and process development for atomic layer deposition. We bridge synthetic chemistry and material science to control the vapour-to-surface reactions that permit layer-by-layer growth of extremely thin films.  This research enables advanced fabrication methods for microelectronics, sensor technology, and solar energy solutions. Our focus is on the deposition of thin films.  We work with group 13 nitrides (Al, Ga, In) as semiconducting films and group 11 metals (Cu, Ag, Au) as metallic interconnects and plasmon surfaces.

Sean Barry Research Summary


The Barry lab supervises students in the Chemistry graduate program, and co-supervises graduate students in Electronic Engineering at Carleton University, as well as graduate students at the National Research Council in Ottawa.

Lab website: http://http-server.carleton.ca/~sbarry/


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