Whether ones interest is painting, sculpture or photography students attending the visual arts program have accesses to a broad range of facilities and equipment.

Our facilities and resources

Those students interested in painting are well accommodated with large open concept studios. Sculpture students can work in our extensive wood and metal shops independently or with the assistance of our helpful technicians. And those interested in photography can freely borrow the latest camera, video and sound equipment from our photo media sector. Along with creating work, the Department has several large student run galleries that allow students to document and curate their own exhibitions.

These are recently renovated, state of the art individual studios as well as large private spaces, all with windows and high ceilings, in various areas of the heritage building for studio, photography, interdisciplinary and installation work.

First-year MFA students work in individual studios that share a common area with a sink and lounge. Students are able to work in close proximity to one another, encouraging connection and collaboration, though their individual studios accommodate privacy when necessary.

In their second year, MFA students benefit from a fully private studio space, often tailored to their chosen artistic practice which encourages the development of their final project.

MFA studios and workspaces

Create your world! The Department of Visual Arts is proud to announce the opening of the Atelier CoFab | Arts Makerspace. This space, located on the second floor of the Department of Visual Art, 100 Laurier, is a shared Faculty of Arts space that focuses on the intersection between art and digital technology.

Organized loosely around the idea of the makerspace, the Atelier CoFab | Arts Makerspace will have multiple 3D printers, an electronics lab as well as 10 iMacs (27’’) outfitted with the complete Adobe CC suite, Final Cut Pro X, visual programing software and virtual reality production tools.

The space will let students experiment with cutting edge technologies either in class, on their own time or as part of structured workshops.  This exciting new space is just the first step in a larger initiative to integrate innovative technologies into the creative process forming a new understanding of how art is conceptualized and produced in the digital age.

Cofab Lab

In order to best serve our students and faculty members, the Department of Visual Arts has a large woodshop. Here, painting students have everything they need to build their own stretchers and frames and sculpture students have access to a wide variety of tools to create their sculpture and installation projects.


The sculpture sector is fully equipped with a comprehensive metal shop.  It specializes in MIG welding, plasma cutting and a variety of cold fabrication processes.

Metal Shop

The sculpture sector is where students can experiment with non-traditional materials, creating installations and performances as well as exploring the development of electronic and kinetic sculpture. It also houses a large CNC machine for digital fabrication.


The sculpture sector has an extensive plaster and mold making facility where students can model forms in clay and cast their creations in a variety of materials.

Plaster Studio

The Photo Media Office (PMO) is where students borrow a wide range of art equipment. This includes both digital and analogue supplies, still and video cameras and lenses, sound recorders, light kits, and various other electronic supplies used to make art projects.

Room 09, 100 Laurier ave E.
613-562-5800, ext. 3717
[email protected]

Photo Media Office

We have darkrooms for silver-based analog photography classes. Students can learn to shoot film, develop it, and enlarge their negatives onto photo paper.  We encourage students to use analog materials in their work. 

A part of analog photography involves developing the film to produce negatives, which can then be enlarged onto photo paper in our darkrooms.


Our print preparation room is equipped with a mat cutter and framing tools for the professional presentation of works on paper.


We have two lighting studios, with a variety of lighting equipment for students to use either for their course work or also for documenting their artworks.

Lighting Studios

We have a large teaching lab primarily used for image editing and digital printing. It is equipped with wide-screen i-Macs, 17 inch printers and professional scanners. All digital photography classes are taught here and it is also a working lab.

Image Editing and Digital Printing Lab

This is an advanced printing lab that features 2 iMac multimedia workstations tethered to two large printers. The Printers are capable of printing on multiple mediums (back-lit paper, fine Art paper, canvas) at a size of 44’’ x the length of the roll. The space is maintained by the Faculty of Arts and is used by the Department of Visual Arts for its photo-based classes.

Lab features:

  • 1 Epson 9890 and 1 Epson 9880 printer
  • Large photo work table with extra-large cutting mat
  • Magnetic metal wall for hanging prints
    Large format printing lab

LRR219 is a multi-use media arts classroom that includes a state of the art lighting grid system which is a versatile tool for media arts, sculpture and photography applications.

Media Arts Classroom

Room 302: This large, light-filled studio spans the West wing of the third floor. This is where painting students work in a shared, open-format space in their second and third years.

Room 320: This studio is reserved for first-year painting and drawing students. Its square, open format is ideal for working from a model or for larger wall projects.

Painting studios

Students in their final year of the BFA program, whether specializing in painting or in other disciplines, are offered their own space in order to work on projects throughout the academic year in preparation for their Final Graduating Exhibition which takes place at the end of April.

Fourth year painting studio (LRR318): Our fourth-year students specializing in painting enjoy a shared studio with their own designated work area. Partition walls allow for work nooks and broad walls provide open expanses to work on solo or collaborative projects.

The Wilbrod studios: BFA students specializing in photography, sculpture or media arts enjoy a semi-private studio space in their final academic year. Each space can accommodate 2-3 fellow students, and boasts high ceilings and plenty of natural light.

4th Year Studios

Room 114 is a multi-purpose room, used as a space for presentations and artist talks as well as a classroom and meeting room. It is also used as an installation space during our end of year Graduating Exhibition.

Room 114

The Department of Visual Arts is home to the student-run and operated Gallery 115 where students can develop curatorial projects, exhibit works, host seminars and events.

Person observing art in Gallery 115.

Named in memory of artist and uOttawa BFA Alum, Sherry Welden, the art supply store offers affordable materials catering exclusively to the needs of our students, the alumni and the many artists in the Capital Region. Photo, Painting, Sculpture and Media students will find supplies specifically related to their individual courses. The Store has expanded to include a wide array of materials suitable for use in our metal and wood shops, for course projects and studio practices.

Sherry Weldon Store