The Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Ottawa is proud to offer 2 successful postgraduate residency programs.

What makes our program so special?

  • Our STAFF! - Country and worldwide leaders in research, ultrasound, simulation and medical education

  • Our terrific relationship with the 5-year Royal College Program – sharing resources, educational activities, social events

  • Our outstanding Academic Days – A weekly line-up of Resident-led Case Rounds, Grand Rounds, M&M Rounds and dedicated CCFP-EM teaching by passionate staff Emergency Physicians

  • CCFP-EM Board Exam readiness through scheduled practice exams and practice orals

  • Our Simulation Curriculum led by experts in Simulation-Based Education (fellowship opportunities available)

  • Longitudinal Pediatric Curriculum at CHEO – you will be the most senior resident scheduled in the Acute Care area

  • Our nationally recognized Ultrasound Experts, 2 weeks of supervised ultrasound training and Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Certification (fellowship opportunities available)

  • We support your scholarly activity with a locally developed Research Guide, Research Supervisor and Methodologist

  • Courses offered: ACLS, ATLS ($1000 Education Fund), ACLS instructor course for a discounted price*

Royal College Residency Program

  • This 5-year program has expanded from ½ position per year in 2002 to 10 spots per year (8 for Canadian graduates and 2 for international medical graduates), making it the second largest in Canada

  • 100% of Canadian graduates and 93% (14/15) of foreign medical graduates have passed the Royal College exams

  • Dr Lisa Thurgur is Program Director who is very highly regarded by her residents

  • The Royal College has implemented Competence by Design (CBD) in Emergency Medicine (EM) in Canada and the University of Ottawa EM Program has embraced this new and exciting curriculum. CBD is perfect for Ottawa EM because it ensures competence, but teaches for excellence - that’s our style.

  • Our residents enjoy the many educational opportunities provided by DEM, as described below:

  • The program received an excellent evaluation during the 2010 Accreditation by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada