Laboratories contain hazardous chemicals, biohazardous materials, and complicated pieces of dangerous equipment. All persons working in a laboratory at the University of Ottawa, whether it’s paid work or as part of course work are required to complete specific health & safety training sessions within their first month of starting.


The Faculty of Medicine does not allow for unpaid volunteer research.  The decision to move away from unpaid volunteer work at the Faculty of Medicine has been in effect since March 2020 and remains in effect indefinitely. This decision was based on discussions with risk management, human resources, other Faculties at the University of Ottawa, and Faculties of Medicine across Canada.

In lieu of unpaid volunteers, the expectation is that all staff and trainees will either be paid employees or associated with an academic program (e.g., honors thesis, TMM, co-op, etc.) or formalized volunteerism program (to be reviewed by HR as situations arise).

In addition to liability and health and safety considerations, this decision is meant to ensure that all members of the university community have equal access to opportunities and are appropriately compensated for the work being done. Considering the rising costs of living, work without pay is becoming an opportunity that is only within reach for a subset of individuals. By receiving academic credit or paid work, we support equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) best practices, track and train all students and staff appropriately, and ensure that they are appropriately covered in the event of an accident or injury.


Training ensures that the University of Ottawa fulfills its commitment to creating and ensuring safe working environments for the whole uOttawa community. We recognize that most persons will not require all of the job-specific training, but if working in a lab, then completing Laboratory Safety and Autoclave Safety is required. Check with your supervisor to see if other training sessions are required as well.

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Mandatory training sessions

  • Note: Students (honours, co-op, graduate or postdoctoral) do not have to complete the Digital Self-Defence training

WHMIS (for lab workers) (valid for 5 years)

Job-specific training (valid for 4 years)


Keys and Access Cards

All new personnel are required to complete and submit an Orientation Form and an Access Form. Please compete both forms electronically and forward to your supervisor for their signature.  You may also wish to include your mandatory training certificates

Supervisor: Once you’ve provided your signature, please forward (1) both forms and (2) the training certificates by email to your departmental office for processing:

Please allow 48 hours for access card requests.

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