The University of Ottawa is proud to offer one of the most generous scholarship programs in Canada. Our students can apply for many scholarships offered by the University and the community.

Number of scholarships offered at the Faculty of Medicine

372 135

Amount that was awarded in scholarships in the fall of 2023 to medical students from first to fourth year


Number of recipients in the fall of 2023

Apply for a scholarship

We strongly encourage you to apply for all scholarships for which you are eligible.


  1. Log in to uoZone
  2. Access online scholarships (under Finance and scholarship click on Online Scholarships and Bursaries)
  3. Complete your student profile

For a complete list of scholarships available to medical students, use the Online Scholarships and Bursaries tool. 

Financial questionnaire

We recommend that you take the time to complete the financial questionnaire and get started early in the academic year so that you don’t miss the deadlines. If you need assistance, please contact the Financial Aid and Awards Service at [email protected] or 613-562-5734.

Important dates

Several undergraduate and graduate scholarships will expire on September 30. First-term scholarships expire October 31, while second-term scholarships expire on February 28 or March 31. Check the list of scholarships available on a regular basis in case there have been additions.

Scholarships offered at the Faculty of Medicine

We thank all donors for their contributions. Their support will help our students, the next generation of physicians, build a healthier world. Thanks to them, we can offer several scholarships at the Faculty of Medicine.